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About Us

The Jacksonville Volunteer Fire Company is located in Northern Baltimore County, Maryland. It provides emergency medical services and fire suppression to approximately 10,000 people in its first-due district, which covers over 75 square miles.

Our mission is to organize, equip and operate and maintain a fire company with the purpose of saving and protecting lives, preventing the destruction of life and property from the ravages of fire, rendering aid to sick and injured persons through the use of an ambulance, suppression and prevention of fire, engaging in combatancy of fire through fire fighting and use of any or all appropriate equipment to suppress fire, engaging in emergency rescue of persons through use of a rescue squad, engaging in salvage in conjunction with fire suppression and prevention, or any other activities related to the said fire suppression, of the rendering of first-aid, or rescue in the Jacksonville, Baltimore County area.

The gray area in the map below represents the area for which we provide “first-due” fire suppression coverage. We also provide the “first due” ambulance/medic unit to areas of Baldwin and Long Green. Besides these areas, we often assist other neighboring stations in Baltimore and Harford Counties with fire and medical emergencies.