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Keene Dodge of Jarrettsville and the Maryland Automobile Dealers Association (MADA) have partnered to donate adult Cardio- Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) training mannequins and Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) simulators to four area volunteer fire companies. The Fallston Volunteer Fire and Ambulance Co. and the Jarrettsville Volunteer Fire Company in Harford County along with the Jacksonville Volunteer Fire Company and the Kingsville Volunteer Fire Co in Baltimore County received the donations of the training aids, known as "Resusci-Anne", on February 18, 2009 during a presentation located at the local Keene Dodge dealership. These mannequins will be used not only to instruct and certify members of the volunteer fire companies in CPR techniques, but also in community outreach CPR programs to the citizens of the region.

The volunteer fire companies involved in this award greatly appreciate the efforts and support from our local business partner, Keene Dodge and the MADA, to assist us in maintaining the highest level of EMS service to our communities.

Early Thursday morning, units from Station 47 were dispatched to multiple reports of a car accident and possible auto fire in the area of Jarrettsville Pike and Sweet Air Road. Engine 473 and Medic 475 responded on the initial call and arrived minutes later to find a small sedan that had collided head with an SUV in front of the Bank of America. After a brief investigation, none of the occupants of either vehicle were injured. Crews then turned their attention to a significant spill of various fluids from the sedan. Utility 477 responded to the scene to provide additional absorbent. After mitigating the hazards, personnel awaited police before clearing the scene approximately thirty minutes after their initial arrival.

Jacksonville Units: E473, M475

In the early afternoon on Thursday, the power flickered at the station a number of times as the backup generator kicked on. Members at the station began moving to the engine bays as a call was inevitable. Sure enough, a couple minutes later Station 47 was alerted for a report of wires down in the area of Sunnyview Drive and Club View Lane. Engine 473 and Brush 472 responded and arrived minutes later to find light smoke in the brush to the rear of a dwelling. After a brief investigation, it was determined that a tree had fallen on high-voltage transmission lines and the increased tension broke a total of four poles in half. BGE was contacted along with other utility companies. E473 cleared while B472 remained at location some time until BGE arrived. Units returned to extinguish smoldering brush and debris half an hour later.

Jacksonville Units: B472, E473

Just after lunchtime on Wednesday, units from Jacksonville were dispatched for a car accident in the 2800 block of Papermill Road. Engine 473 and Ambulance 475 responded on the call. They arrived minutes later to find pickup truck that had collided with a heating oil truck and ran off the road into a telephone pole. After a brief assessment, neither driver was complaining of injuries. The pole information was given to Dispatch and units cleared the scene a few minutes later.

Jacksonville Units: E473, M475

Just after 0700 hours, units from Long Green and Jacksonville were dispatched to a report of a motor vehicle accident on Long Green Road near Long Green Pike. Engine 471 and Ambulance 475 responded on the initial call. A few minutes later, E382 responded and E471 was cancelled. Units arrived minutes later to find an SUV that had rolled several times. The crew from E382 evaluated and stabilized the patient until A475 arrived. The patient was then packaged and transported to a trauma center.

Jacksonville Units: E471, A475

Other Units: E382, U388, M485, EMS1

Just before midnight, units from Long Green and Jacksonville were dispatched to a report of a motor vehicle accident on Dulaney Valley Road in the vicinity of Stone Hill Road. While units were responding, additional information from a caller upgraded the call to a rescue box. A few minutes later, Jacksonville’s IV475 arrived to find a single vehicle that had run off the road. Limited command was established and it was determined that the car had struck a fence and a tree and driver was still trapped inside. A few minutes later, Engine 382 and Squad 303 arrived at location. After crews cut away tree branches to make access to the passenger compartment, it was discovered that the patient in the car was deceased. Units remained on the scene close to two hours awaiting the medical examiner and extricating the patient.

Jacksonville Units: IV475

Other Units: E382, S303, EMS7, M17, BC1

At approximately 2330 hours, Harford County units from Fallston and the surrounding area were dispatched to reports of a dwelling fire on Fallsbrook Manor Drive. Equipment responded and arrived minutes later to find fire showing and requested additional units for water and manpower. Jacksonvilles Tanker Support Unit 474 responded and set up the primary water source at the lumber sawmill near Pleasantville Road and Route 152. TSU474 remained at location for approximately five hours pumping water to supply the fireground. After clearing the incident, TSU474 was immediately dispatched to support another fire in the Hereford area of Baltimore County.

Jacksonville Units: TSU474

Other Units: TT454, TT446, TSU444, E381, E382, Multiple Harford County Units

At approximately 1530 hours, Jacksonville’s Engine 473 was dispatched along with units from Long Green and the surrounding area for a report of a car accident with people trapped on Bottom Road near Church Lane. Squad 483 was the first arriving unit. Command was established and reported a single vehicle that had collided with a telephone pole. A total of four patients were in the vehicle; three of whom were still trapped. Additional medic units and a medevac helicopter were requested. BGE was also requested due to the instability of the pole. Crews quickly extricated and packaged three of the patients while other personnel worked to extricate the trapped passenger. At one point, the Go-Team from Shock Trauma was requested due to the extent of the entrapment. Approximately 45 minutes after initial dispatch, the patient was freed and the Go Team was cancelled. Jacksonville’s Engine 473 handled the helicopter landing site.

On a freezing cold Sunday morning, approximately twenty Jacksonville members joined those from other companies at the Tranquility Manor Farms on Stansbury Mill Road for a day of large animal rescue training. In coordination with Equine Rescue Ambulance and members of the farm, fire department personnel were given a basic introduction to horse behavior and handling. In addition, two horses were put down humanely by trained medical staff. These horses needed to be put down for medical reasons and were used to practice maneuvering these large animals. Multiple demonstrations were done that allowed crews to take turns controlling handling the horses.

Jacksonville Units: E471, E473, A475, SU476, U477

Other Units: E442, E8, E55, BC11, multiple Harford County Companies

At approximately 0230 hours, units were dispatched for a report of a car accident in the area of Manor Road and Old York Road. Engine 473 and IV 535 responded on the initial call. While still en-route, the assignment was upgraded to a rescue when the caller reported people trapped. Minutes later, E473 arrived to find a single vehicle that had collided with a tree. Command was established and reported a total of eight patients including two adults and six children. A protective hose-line was pulled and crews began to work on patient extrication after stabilizing the vehicle as additional personnel arrived. Two medevac helicopters were requested along with a medical strike team. The helicopters were unable to respond due to weather conditions. One patient was pronounced dead at the scene while the other seven were transported to the trauma center. Units remained on the scene awaiting police investigators and the medical examiner.

Jacksonville Units: E471, E473, U477

Other Units: E442, E382, TSU444, T17, S303, S533, HCM792, M485, EMS1

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