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We just wanted to share the following email from the owner of the house that we responded to for a fire on July 29, 2009. Multiple crews worked hard to keep the fire from spreading past the area that was involved upon arrival and ended up saving the majority of the house. We would also like to take a moment to thank our neighboring companies for assisting with the flawless response that ended with such a great outcome from the initial conditions. For the original incident story, please click here.

Dear Jacksonville Volunteer Fire Company,

Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything. Words can not adequately express our (and our families') gratitude. My husband, daughter and I are just getting back on our feet after the July fire. We are working on cleaning up and rebuilding after what could have been an unspeakable tragedy. I am sure you hear this a lot, but once you realize how lucky you are that "everyone is OK", you have to stop thinking about what might have happened if circumstances had been, even slightly, different...

We would like to thank you all for your courage, and the valiant effort in which you saved our home. We have always been supporters of our local firemen and women, but this experience has shown us, firsthand, what a truly special group of heros live in our community.

Our daughter will be celebrating her birthday this weekend. Thanks to you, we will ALL be celebrating together. In lieu of gifts we have asked friends and family to donate to JVFC, and will forever keep you and YOUR families in our thoughts and prayers.

Your grateful neighbors,

Annie, Chip, Virginia and Lucy-dog

At 0826 hours on Wednesday, units from Jacksonville were alerted for a possible car accident at Sweet Air Road and Jarrettsville Pike. EMS7 was also added to the call when one caller reported an unconscious subject. Engine 473 and Medic 475 responded and arrived seconds later to find three vehicles involved in a collision at Sweet Air Road and Hampshire Knob Drive, less than a quarter mile from Station 47. After a brief assessment, the medevac helicopter was requested for the male subject that had been ejected and was unconscious prior to arrival. Medic 395 was requested for an additional two patients. Personnel worked to treat and package all patients as crews on Engine 471 and Utility 477 handled the landing site at the helipad to the rear of the Jacksonville VFC. All patients were transported to trauma centers and units cleared by 0916 hours while Baltimore County Police Accident Reconstruction team remained for approximately an hour. The apparent cause was one driver pulling in front of the other while turning into the shopping center. This caused significant damage and a 180-degree spin for one car that ejected the male driver while the other vehicle was launched over the curb and into the bushes adjacent to the parking lot. A third vehicle sustained minor damage.

Jacksonville Units: E471, E473, M475, U477

Other Units: M395, EMS7, Trooper 1

At 0634 hours Wednesday morning, units from Jacksonville and other nearby stations were dispatched for a reported car accident with people trapped in the area of Jarrettsville Pike and Stansbury Mill Road. Engine 473 responded on the initial call and arrived in the 14600 block of Jarrettsville Pike minutes later to find a single vehicle on its roof in the woods approximately 25 feet off the road. After an initial investigation inside and underneath the car, it was determined that no one was trapped. The vehicle had apparently ran off the road up an embankment, flipped end-over-end and was involved in a high-speed collision with numerous trees and telephone poles sometime in the night. All units with the exception of E473 and M117 were cleared from the call as personnel performed a search of the woods and used a thermal imaging camera to look for anyone that may have been ejected or crawled from the wreckage. BGE was also requested to repair the numerous sheared electricity poles. A short time later, police reported finding the driver in his home at a nearby residence and advised that he was the single occupant and had not suffered any injuries. All units cleared by 0715 hours as the car was removed from the woods and BGE began to work on repairs.

Jacksonville Units: E473

At 2235 hours Wednesday night, units from Station 47 and the surrounding area were alerted for a report of a possible house fire in the 2800 block of York Manor Road. Jacksonville’s Engine 471 responded and arrived a few minutes later to find a two-story single-family dwelling with heavy fire showing from the garage side of the house. Command was established and a working fire assignment along with two engines and a tanker were requested. Water supply units were directed to establish a draft site at the Papermill Village Shopping Center where an underground 50,000 gallon firefighting water tank was located. Initial crews stretched a 1 ¾ inch handline and proceeded through the front door to keep the fire from spreading further into the house on the first floor. As additional units arrived, they brought an additional handline to the second floor to knock down fire spreading into the bedroom adjacent to the garage. A third handline was used to flow water into the garage from the exterior in coordination with interior crews. The bulk of the fire was quickly knocked down and some of the units still enroute were placed in service. Crews remained on scene for some time performing salvage and overhaul operations and assisting investigators. Investigators determined the cause was spontaneous combustion of polyurethane-soaked rags in the garage. All units cleared the scene at 0143 hours. A total of 7,000 gallons was used from the underground tank at Papermill Village. This was the second time in two weeks this tank had been used and the fourth time in two weeks that such a tank had been used in the Jacksonville area.

Jacksonville Units: E471, E473, TSU474, M475, SU476, U477

Other Units: E392, E382, TOW17, E17, BC11, IV395, TSU394, E391, E442, S303, E291, SAFE4, REH153, REH154, REH155, Harford County Mutual Aid

At 1856 hours Sunday evening, units from Long Green and the surrounding area were dispatched for a report of a barn on fire in the area of Long Green Pike and Hydes Road. Initial apparatus responding had to alter their response routes multiple times due to many trees and wires blocking roadways due to the storm that had just passed through the area. Long Green's Special Unit 387 was first to arrive and reported a large barn down a long driveway in the 5400 block of Hydes Road with heavy fire showing. The next arriving units were Jacksonville's Engine 471 and Engine 473. Once crews reached the barn, command was established and reported a 30 ft X 150 ft barn fully-involved with fire and exposures on the Bravo and Delta sides. Luckily, an underground water tank for firefighting use was located across the street at the Hydes Road Recreation Complex. Units laid 4 and 5 inch large-diameter supply line to the tank and established a draft site to use the 30,000 gallons of water. This was the third time in the past two weeks that such a tank was used in the area. Personnel worked to protect the exposure structures and eventually knock down the fire that consumed the primary fire building. The last few units from Long Green and Jacksonville cleared at 0440 hours.

Jacksonville Units: E471, E473, TSU474, IV475, U477

Other Units: SU387, E382, E381, BC1, E10, E55, E392, TSU394, TSU444, TT446, E292, E291, S483, TT488, E503, REH153, REH155, SAFE4, Harford County Mutual Aid

At 1530 hours, Jacksonville was dispatched to a reported accident involving a dump truck. Brush 472 and Engine 382 arrived minutes later to find a dump truck that had jackknifed and struck a pole blocking both lanes of Jarrettsville Pike. This diverted all traffic onto Stansbury Mill road causing another accident at Stansbury Mill Road and Manor Road. Units cleared at approximately 1630 hours.

Jacksonville Units: B472

Other Units: E382

At 0745 hours on Friday, units from Jacksonville and the surrounding area were dispatched to a report of a house on fire in the area of Old York Road and Papermill Road. While still enroute, additional information advised it was a small house possibly across from a church on Old York Road. Less than five minutes later, Engine 471 and Medic 475 arrived in the 14500 block of Old York Road and reported heavy smoke showing from a single-story dwelling. Command was established and confirmed that the owner and his dog had safely escaped. A working fire assignment and tanker-strike team were requested. Initial crews pulled multiple hose lines and began an interior attack while a draft site for a tanker shuttle was set up at the Papermill Village Shopping Center. This was the second time in the past eight days that an underground firefighting water tank was used for a fire in Jacksonville. A short time later, the fire was knocked down. Crews remained on location for some time performing salvage and overhaul operations and assisting fire investigators. The homeowner was treated for mild smoke inhalation while he ran back into the house to rescue his dog prior to fire department arriving. All units cleared at 1036 hours.

Jacksonville Units: E471, E473, TSU474, M475, SU476, U477

Other Units: E392, BC1, TOW17, E391, E391, E101, E442, TT446, TSU444, E302, E60, M395, E381, TT488, E494, E482, E503, E441, TSU504, TT454, AU248, E493, E382, REH154, REH155, FID2, FID6, SAFE4, Harford County Mutual Aid

Video from ABC Channel 2 News: http://www.abc2news.com/news/local/story/Smoke-Alarm-Saves-In-Jacksonville-Fire/TI7Ey4MZdEOzNeH_OfiCUQ.cspx

At 1037 hours, units from Northern Baltimore and Harford Counties were dispatched to reports of a barn fire on Baldwin Mill Road near Sweet Air Road in Jacksonvilles first-due area. Initial units including Engine 471 responded within minutes. While still four miles away from location, units reported a thick column of black smoke. At that time, a tanker strike team was requested due to lack of water in the area. Engine 471 arrived at 1046 hours and reported a 20 ft X 30 ft shed full of straw on fire off the road down a long driveway in the 13900 block of Baldwin Mill Road. While units laid a 3 inch supply line to the scene, other units worked to establish a draft site at the underground tank that had been installed less than a year ago at Pleasantville Road and Baldwin Mill Road. Within a short period of time, the bulk of the fire was knocked down. Units remained at location bringing the fire under control and performing overhaul. All units were clear at 1258 hours.

Jacksonville Units: E471, TSU474, M475, U477

Other Units: E481, E381, E291, BC1, IV485, E392, E17, TT446, TT488, FID3

Just after 0400 hours, units from Jacksonville and the surrounding area were alerted for an unconscious subject at the scene of a car accident. Seconds later, the call was upgraded to a rescue assignment. Engine 473 responded on the initial call and arrived minutes later to find a single pickup truck on its side. After a brief investigation, a single patient was discovered inside. The windshield was removed and the patient was packaged on a backboard. The assignment was held to E473, SU476, and EMS units. Units cleared within 30 minutes.

Jacksonville Units: E471, E473, SU476

Other Units: IV395, M117, EMS7, TOW17, S483, BC11

At 0809 hours, units from Jacksonville were alerted for an unconscious person following an accident at a site where numerous trees were being removed. M475 and E471 responded and arrived minutes later to find a patient had been struck in the head by a section of a tree limb that had fallen approximately 100 feet. After a brief assessment, a medevac was requested. Crews on location began stabilizing and packaging the patient as Long Greens E382 set up a landing site at Station 47. Within 20 minutes, State Police Trooper 1 had landed on the helipad and the M475 arrived at the landing site. Multiple personnel including the MSP Paramedic and a passer-by doctor worked to successfully intubate the patient. Minutes later the patient was transported to the trauma center in critical condition. We later learned that he succumbed to his injuries. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family, friends, and co-workers.

Jacksonville Units: E471, M475, U477

Other Units: E382, EMS7, Trooper 1

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