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All of our recent stories are now found on our Facebook page. For our story archives, please see below.

Around 1400 hours on Saturday, Jacksonville units were alerted for a Non-Emergency Assist on Green Road at the Harford County Line. Units arrived to find a horse stuck in the mud.Squad 483 was immediately called for assistance. Makeshift slings were used on the horse using 1 ¾” hose lines in an attempt to assist the horse out of the mud. Initial attempts proved unsuccessful, and crews were losing daylight as the horse was losing strength. The horse was also starting to show signs of hypothermia, as the outside temperature was only about 35 degrees. Attempts were also made to contact a veterinarian to respond to assist because the horse would need immediate care upon extrication. Squad 303 and USAR 17 were also called to assist. By this time, the horse was starting to show serious signs of fatigue and hypothermia, and it was determined that the horse needed to come out as soon as possible, or face certain death. After readjusting the slings, brute strength was used by all hands on scene, and the horse was successfully extricated at around 4:00.

Jacksonville Units: E473, B472, TSU474

Other Units: S483, U487, ATV48, S303, USAR17

Friday afternoon, Long Green and Jacksonville were alerted for an accident in the 5200 block of Hydes Road involving a truck on fire with no further information on injuries. Just as Engine 473 called responding, the call was upgraded to a rescue assignment with auto fire. Engine 473 arrived to find a van that had collided with a pickup truck pulling a trailer. The driver of the van was found to be heavily trapped and the passenger of the van had been ejected. MSP Trooper 1 was immediately called to the scene and a second transport unit was called. Crews worked to extricate the patient while Engine 481 secured a landing site. The patient was extricated in about 15 minutes and transported to the trauma center.

Jacksonville Units: E473, U477

Other Units: S483, HM1391, HR1351, E382, T297, IV485, BC33, EMS1, SAFE4, E481, Trooper 1

Around lunchtime, Jacksonville units were alerted for an accident at Jarrettsville Pike and Southside Avenue. Units responded and arrived to find a three-car collission. It appeared to be a chain-reaction accident when one car stopped to turn. Engine 473 assisted Medic 475 with patient refusals and cleaned up fluids in the roadway. Units cleared in about 30 minutes after police arrived.

Jacksonville Units: E473, M475

At about 1800 hours, units from Long Green and Jacksonville were alerted for multiple reports of a motor vehicle collision at the intersection of Manor Road and Hydes Road. Special Unit 387 and Engine 473 arrived minutes later to find two cars that had collided head-on. The scene was secured and two patients were packaged and transported to surrounding hospitals. Units cleared within an hour.

Jacksonville Units: E473, IV475

Other Units: SU387, Harford County M1391

At approximately 1700 hours, units from Long Green and Jacksonville were dispatched to a reported accident with rollover on Dulaney Valley Road near Loch Raven Drive. Engine 382 and Medic 475 responded and arrived minutes later to find a vehicle that had driven up an embankment, rolled over, and landed upright. The patient was packaged and transported to a nearby trauma center.

Jacksonville Units: M475

Other Units: E382

At approximately 2240 hours, Long Green and surrounding stations were alerted for a rescue assignment at the intersection of Long Green Pike and Long Green Road. Jacksonville’s Medic 475 also responded on the call. Units arrived to find a single vehicle had left the road and struck a parked truck. The driver was out of the vehicle, but the passenger was heavily trapped. The patient was extricated in about 20 minutes. The driver refused treatment but the passenger was transported to a trauma center.

Jacksonville Units: M475

Other Units: E382, SU387, S483, M485, T297, EMS6, BC11

While returning from a single-vehicle accident on Baldwin Mill Road, Jacksonville's Engine 473 was alerted for another accident in the area of Baldwin Mill Road and Fork Road. This location was less than a mile from the first accident. SU387 and E473 arrived a few minutes later to find two small passenger vehicles that had collided. A single patient was assessed, treated, and packaged for transport. Harford County Medic 1393 arrived a few minutes later and transported the patient to a local trauma center. Units were on location for approximately 25 minutes.

Jacksonville Units: E473

Other Units: SU387, HCM1393

On Thursday morning, Jacksonville units were alerted for a motor vehicle accident in front of the Citgo on Jarrettsville Pike near Sweet Air Road. Units arrived to find a two-car MVC with two patients. A second transport unit was requested. E473 assisted M475 and M395 with patient care. One patient was taken to a trauma center by M475, while M395 transported the second patient to a local facility.

Jacksonville Units: E473, M475

Other Units: M395

As in years past, Jacksonvilles Volunteers participated in a number of events during and around Fire Prevention Week in October. Numerous presentations were made to first grade students at the Jacksonville Elementary School. Topics included fire safety, what to do in an emergency, and a show-and-tell of some of the gear we wear and the tools and equipment we have available to us. Additionally, a number of tours of the firehouse were given to various groups including the Boy Scouts and Girls Scouts. We also participated in conducting fire drills at the St. James Academy and the Jacksonville Elementary School. Both schools performed well within their maximum evacuation time.

After clearing a separate call for a fire alarm malfunction, Jacksonville’s Engine 471 and Medic 475 responded with Baltimore County’s Urban Search and Rescue Team (USAR17) to a reported tree into a house on Bardon Road in the Summer Hill development. Units arrived minutes later to find a tree that had broken and fallen over into a house. Crews worked to evaluate the structural integrity of the house and temporarily seal holes in the roof to protect from the heavy rain. Units were on location approximately one hour.

Jacksonville Units: E471, M475

Other Units: USAR17

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