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All of our recent stories are now found on our Facebook page. For our story archives, please see below.

This week the new engine completed the main assembly line along with alignment and initial testing. In the next few days reflective striping application should be completed along with road testing and 3rd party testing. Next week it will be released to final product evaluation which is part of the quality process. A group of members from the new engine committee will be flying to Wisconsin for the final inspection trip February 18th – 20th. Delivery is then expected in the next week with the engine going in service within a month after some additional equipment mounting, radio installation, and drivers training.

Blizzard Slams Baltimore Area

February 11th, 2010

Over the past few days, two large weather patterns dumped over two feet of snow on Jacksonville and the surrounding area. This was quite a change from the very mild winters that Maryland has experienced over the past few years. All of the equipment was put in 4-wheel drive and chained up in preparation for the storm. Members staffed the station around-the clock to battle poor road conditions and respond to a call volume that was higher than normal due to the inability of people to get out of their homes and the ones that did get out of their homes having car accidents. Jacksonville and other fire companies were joined by the National Guard who provided additional 4x4 support with Humvees. Luckily, none of our members or equipment experienced any injuries or damage throughout the weather event.

In the midst of two blizzards slamming the Mid-Atlantic states, a group from the Harvey-Brewers Fire Department in Kentucky drove hundreds of miles to purchase the engine that was previously running as Engine 473. After spending multiple days inspecting the unit, they decided to move forward with the purchase. The engine is currently having equipment removed and awaiting pickup.

This week the new engine approached completion on the main assembly line. In the next few days it will be released for alignment and testing. Next week it apparatus should complete initial testing, have reflective striping added and may begin third party pump testing.

This week the body and tank were merged with the chassis on the main assembly line where a majority of the components should be added. Next week the apparatus should be nearing completion on the main assembly line. The engine will then go through several days of electrical, pump, weight, and other testing before members of the new engine committee fly to Wisconsin for the final inspection on February 18th.

This week, the cab finished on the cab line and the chassis finished on the chassis line to merge with the cab. The pump house was mounted a little later in the day. The body is near finish in paint. Next week, the body should have harnessing and trim added, and along with the water tank, should be mounted to the chassis as it begins on the main assembly line. It is definitely past the half-way point! The final inspection date is set for February 18th.

This week the cab has received the Linex coating throughout the interior and it is staged to begin on the cab line, where the cab related content will be added. The pump house completed fabrication and is staged for paint. The body completed fabrication and has begun the paint process. Next week, the cab should be nearing completion on the cab line. Assembly of the chassis is scheduled to begin next week. The pump house should be painted and have trim added. The body should continue the paint process.

JVFC received another weekly update on the new engine from Pierce on Friday. This week the cab completed fabrication and was transferred off-site for the application of a Linex coating on the interior. Fabrication of the pump house has begun and the body panels are in the process of being welded. Next week the cab should be back on-site to complete the paint process. The pump house should continue in fabrication and the body panels should be merged as fabrication of the body continues. The next update on Friday, January 15th should really show the engine coming together. The anticipated completion and final inspection is still set for around Valentine’s Day.

At 0816 hours Monday morning, the Jacksonville Volunteers were alerted for a motor vehicle accident with rollover. The call was then upgraded to a rescue assignment. Minutes later, E473 and M475 arrived to find a two-vehicle motor vehicle accident with one person trapped in an overturned SUV. The Priority 2 patient was quickly freed and packaged for transport as the occupant of the other car refused medical treatment. The remainder of the rescue assignment was cancelled and the patient was transported to a local hospital.

Jacksonville Units: E473, M475

On Friday we received our first update and set of pictures from Pierce, the company manufacturing the replacement for Engine 473. The engine was purchased a few months ago at a final cost around half a million dollars. After going through final engineering work, the cab began in fabrication this week. In the next report the cab should finish in fabrication. The pump house and body may begin fabrication. Due to the Pierce plant holiday shutdown, the next update will be January 8th.

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