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On a very hot and dry Monday morning, units from Jacksonville and Long Green were alerted to the report of a combine on fire in the area of Jarrettsville Pike and Blenheim Road. Engine 473 and Brush 472 responded on the initial call. As units approached the scene, a large column of smoke was visible. Engine 473 arrived to find a large combine on fire along with approximately two acres of freshly cut wheat. Command was then established and four additional engines and brush units were requested immediately. Units extinguished the combine fire and then began to knock down the rapidly spreading fire in the field. The fire was under control in about an hour and ended up consuming three acres of wheat. Upon returning to the station, it was realized that a water cooler had been left at the scene. Upon arriving back at the incident, U477 discovered that the combine had caught fire a second time in a different area of the field and a fire was rapidly spreading once again. Units were immediately called back to extinguish what ended up being about two acres of wheat.

Jacksonville Units: E471, B472, E473, M475, SU476, U477

Other Units : E381, B384, E17, B17, E302, E101, B1

We have finally been able to photograph and post a 360 degree view of our new engine. We have been responding with it for a month at this point with no problems thus far. It has responded to approximately 20 calls so far with many more to come.

Check out the pictures in our equipment area.

Less than two days after being placed in service, amongst other calls, Engine 473 was dispatched to its first motor vehicle accident. E473 responded and arrived minutes later to find a three-car accident near Merrymans Mill Road and Sunnybrook Road. The crew cleaned up spilled hazardous materials and treated patients until the arrival of Medic 395. One person was transported to a local trauma center.

Jacksonville Units: E473

Other Units: M395

At the conclusion of the monthly membership meeting, the Chief placed new Engine 473 in service. This followed weeks of preparation by many members mounting equipment and making final touches. The old engine had left on a flatbed tractor trailer less than two weeks prior for its long trip to Kentucky. Within an hour of going in service, E473 ran a brush fire off of Old York Road in a 47-6 box.

In the event of a house fire or other emergency, pets may need the same care and equipment that their owners receive to survive. An oxygen mask specially designed for pets that comes in three sizes can help save your best friend.

Shore Hearts Golden Retriever Rescue has donated three sets of pet oxygen masks to the firefighters, EMTs, and paramedics of the Jacksonville Volunteer Fire Company in Phoenix, MD. Marie Sciscione and Pat DeGuilmi along with their two Golden Retriever therapy dogs, Rayne and Stelllla did the honors and were joined by members of the fire company and their pets who received the masks Saturday morning. Also present was JVFC’s brand new fire engine, a 2010 Pierce Arrow XT, delivered in the past few weeks with a final cost just over half a million dollars.

For more information on Shore Hearts Golden Retriever Rescue including available pets, adoption information, and more, please visit www.shorehearts.org.

At 1249 hours, Jacksonville was alerted for a report of a car accident with unknown injuries. Engine 471 and Medic 475 responded on the call. Additional information from the caller advised that it was a garbage truck that had struck a pole. Units arrived minutes later to find a trash truck that had clipped an electric pole and run off the road and was stuck in the mud. After a brief investigation, it was discovered that the driver was uninjured. Information on the broken pole was relayed to BGE via dispatch and units cleared upon the arrival of the police department.

Jacksonville Units: E471, M475

Early Monday afternoon, Medic 475 was alerted for an injured subject in the area of the Dulaney Valley Road bridge. Upon responding, M475 requested a 4x4 assist due to the patient being located on one of the fire trails somewhere in the woods with a broken ankle. Jacksonville’s Brush 472 and Utility 477 then responded to what was originally a 38-18 box. Minutes later, additional information from the caller reported that they might be closer to Pot Spring Road in a 17-15 box. At that time, units from the Texas fire station also responded. Units converged near the Gate Ridge development and took a total of four vehicles into the woods to search for the patient. He was eventually located, stabilized, and removed from the woods via Utility 477.

Jacksonville Units: B472, M475, U477

Other Units: E17, M17, B17, USAR17, RC63, EMS7, Watershed Police

Early Saturday afternoon, units from Jacksonville and the surrounding area were dispatched for a car accident with entrapment in the area of Manor Road and Jarrettsville Pike. Engine 471 and Medic 475 responded immediately. Just after calling en-route, dispatch advised the units that additional calls were coming in reporting the patient was unconscious. At that time, Engine 471 requested the ETA for the medevac helicopter. Units arrived minutes later to find a single-vehicle that had struck a tree by the side of the road. It was then discovered that the driver was trapped and unconscious inside. The medevac was requested as personnel worked to treat and extricate the patient. Within minutes, he was extricated and stabilized for transport. The remainder of the assignment was cancelled with Engine 471 handling the landing site. The patient was transported to the trauma center where he later succumbed to his injuries. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of the victim.

Jacksonville Units: E471, M475, SU476, U477

Friday morning, Jacksonville was alerted for a non-emergency report of a car accident in the 3600 block of Blenheim Road. Engine 471 and Utility 477 responded on the initial call. Just as units arrived, dispatch upgraded the call to a 10-50PI as the caller called back reporting injuries. Minutes later, a Haz-Mat box was requested when it was discovered that a 3,600 gallon oil tanker that was 3/4 full was laying on its side and actively leaking. While M475 treated and transported two patients, personnel worked to contain the spill and prevent it from reaching a stream that was 100 feet away. Crews remained on scene for several hours as they were joined by Haz-Mat teams from Baltimore County and the Maryland Department of the Environment. Almost 3,000 gallons of heating oil was off-loaded into an empty truck provided by the fuel company.

Jacksonville Units: E471, M475, SU476, U477

Other Units: BC1, HM114, E15, E14, HM114, IV395, MDE

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