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Each year, our members and families gather to show appreciation for each other and the job that we have done in the past year. Additionally, we take time to thank our families for the time we spend away from them while responding to calls for assistance and other times where we leave them for firehouse duties. Members enjoyed a pot-luck style picnic including crabs. Children played together on a moon bounce and other games. Awards for participation were also distributed.

On Saturday, the fire company joined Klein's Shop-Rite in Jacksonville for "Partners in Caring" . The event sponsored by Shop-Rite brought the community together for a day of food, games, live music and displays for young and old alike. The event benefited local food banks and the fire company. The fire company was on display with 5 pieces of equipment as well as a table with public fire safety education materials and hand outs. A great time was had by all in attendance. The fire company returned to the store on Wednesday September 22nd to help with bagging groceries and assist folks to their cars with their purchases. The Jacksonville Volunteer Fire Co thanks Klein's Shop-Rite of Jacksonville for their support and look forward to working with them in the future.

Just after units returned to the station from a previous car accident, Jacksonville was alerted to a reported car accident with nobody moving inside the vehicle on Jarrettsville Pike near Sunset Lane. Engine 473 responded and arrived minutes later to find a car that had struck a large section of guardrail and run off the road. The single occupant was out of the vehicle and not complaining of any injuries. Personnel waited for police to arrive and returned to the station.

Jacksonville Units: E473

At approximately 1015 hours, Long Green and surrounding stations were alerted for a dwelling fire. Jacksonville’s Engine 473 responded on the initial call. While still enroute, dispatch advised that there were reports of an explosion with multiple burn patients. Engine 382 and Engine 473 arrived to find a two story dwelling with heavy smoke showing. Additional suppression and medical units were immediately requested as crews advanced handlines to attack the basement fire. Units remained on scene for approximately four hours.

Jacksonville Units: E471, E473, U477

Other Units: E381, E382, TOW17, E17, M17, HCT1331, HCE1311, HCM1391, E10, M10, E302, S303

Just before 1700 hours, units from Texas and the surrounding area were alerted for the report of a dwelling fire on Anglo Hill Road off of Pot Springs Road. Due to other fire calls, Jacksonville was one of the first units dispatched on the initial assignment. While still enroute, units reported a heavy column of black smoke. Minutes later, units from Station 17 arrived and established command, advised the rear of the house was fully involved, and began defensive operations to fight the fire and protect nearby dwellings. Engine 473’s crew established it’s own water supply in a development to the rear of the dwelling and stretched 300 feet of 3 inch hose to a Blitz-Fire to attack the fire at the rear of the dwelling and protect exposures with assistance from other units. Units remained on scene for approximately three hours.

Jacksonville Units: E471, E473

At approximately 0130 hours, fire department units were alerted for the report of a dwelling fire at the intersection of Warren Road and Greenside Drive. While en route, Station 17 units arrived, established command, and advised that they had smoke showing from the second floor. Engine 473 responded and assisted units at the scene. After the fire was knocked, crews performed overhaul and remained on scene for approximately two hours.

Jacksonville Units: E473

Just before 0700 hours Wednesday morning, Jacksonvilles engine was dispatched to a reported car that had struck a tree with unknown injuries in the area of Merrymans Mill Road and Sunnybrook Road. Upon responding, dispatch advised that additional information had been received reporting one person trapped. The rescue assignment was then dispatched. Engine 473 arrived minutes later to find a head-on collision involving a BMW and a small SUV in the 2900 block of Papermill Road. One of the drivers was discovered trapped in the SUV. Command was established and a second BLS unit was requested for the driver of the other vehicle. Personnel worked to stabilize both patients as others worked to cut the door off of the SUV and free the trapped patient. Minutes later, he was freed and the remaining rescue units were cancelled. Personnel from Jacksonville worked with Medic 17, Medic 117, and EMS 7 to immobilize and load both patients who were transported to a local trauma center. Units remained on scene for some time to mitigate a significant amount of fluid that had spilled as a result of the collision.

Jacksonville Units: E473, SU476, U477

Other Units: M17, M117, EMS7

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