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Jacksonville's ambulance was alerted early Tuesday afternoon for a two-car accident in Long Green's district. There were a total of four patient's at the scene. Upon observing the condition of one of the pediatric patient, a medevac was requested. Three additional patients were transported by ambulances, including Jacksonville's 475, to the hospital.

Jacksonville Units: IV475

For a second day in a row, Jacksonville’s air unit went to the Pretty Boy Reservoir to join teams there in the search for the third boater missing since Thursday, July 8th. Personnel from Jacksonville filled over 60 SCUBA bottles for the dive teams at the launch location. Dive teams there included the Maryland Natural Resources Police, Baltimore County Police Under Water Recovery, and Baltimore City Fire Department Dive Rescue Team. Total time at the scene was over 12 hours.

Jacksonville Units: AU478

Volunteers were standing by for both fire and medical calls throughout the Jacksonville celebration. In addition, our pit beef stand was a huge success. The food was loved by those who attended. We raising funds through both proceeds and additional donations.

Early morning on Saturday, a group of Jacksonville's volunteers met volunteers from other companies at the Hereford Volunteer Fire Company. A house had been donated to Station 44 to be used for training firefighters. Starting at 6:30am, crews worked filling the house with hay and pallets of wood. Burn technicians and personnel from the Baltimore County Fire and Rescue Academy arranged the house in the best way possible to rotate the most crews in. They also inspected the air bottles and turnout gear to be used by the interior firefighters. While some crews were up at the house, others worked on laying hose and setting up the water supply from nearby streams using tanker support units. Overall, it was a very good day with all crews getting a chance to go in and make an attack, with some even able to go a second time. Companies present were: 30, 38, 44, 45, 47, 49, 53, as well as the Rehab trucks.

Companies from Northern Baltimore County fire stations were dispatched for a dwelling fire assignment on Wednesday. Initial units included Battalion Chief 1, Engine 441, Engine 442, Tanker Support 444, Engine 451, Harford County Engine 711, York County Engine 58-1, York County Tower 58, Engine 494, and Engine 431. Multiple 911 calls reported an attached garage on fire. While still en-route, E442 advised dispatch they had a large column of smoke from a few miles away and requested a tanker strike team. As units arrived, they advised that they had an attached garage, fully involved, with extension into the attic of a large two story wood frame dwelling. A working fire profile was then requested, bringing Jacksonville’s Air Unit 478 and other units. Crews pulled multiple hand lines and made an interior attack from the second floor into the attic. A third line was used to knock some of the fire on the exterior of the dwelling. It took approximately thirty minutes for the fire to be placed under control. Although the garage was a loss, the fire which spread to the attic of the dwelling was contained with only smoke and water damage to the rest of the home. Crews were on the scene for approximately two and a half hours. While units were committed to the incident, Jacksonville’s Engine 473 transferred to Station 44 while Engine 471 remained in the station standing by with a crew. Upon investigation, it was determined that the fire was ignited by a lawn mower stored in the garage.

Jacksonville Units: E471, E473, AU478

Other Units: E441, E442, B443, TSU444, SU448, E451, E452, TT454, YCE581, YCT58, E391, E392, TSU394, E17, M60, E494, E431, HCE711, HCE712, HCE1012, CCE22, REH153, REH154, REH155

Jacksonville's air unit was dispatched lunchtime on Friday for a working fire in Stevenson. Initial units arrived and reported heavy fire and smoke conditions. As crews made an interior attack, two firefighters fell through a large hole that appeared as the floor caved in. A mayday was called by the two stuck in the hot basement. When the mayday was called, a second alarm and a Rapid Intervention Task Force were also alerted. The two firefighters were quickly rescued and both transported to Sinai hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Jacksonville had two personnel on the scene filling air bottles and numerous personnel standing-by at the station.

Jacksonville Units: AU478

Jacksonville was alerted mid-afternoon on Monday for the report of a house struck by lightning and on fire in Cockeysville's district. Since there was already a working fire in the area, many of the neighboring units were committed. Cockeysville's Special Unit was the first to respond. While still en route, they came across a tree that was blocking the road and would have hindered the apparatus from going to the house. The crew had to stop to cut it away to make way for other units. They continued to the house, arrived at location, set up command, and advised that had heavy fire through the roof. Jacksonville's engine was the first engine to arrive. Command reported that no one was inside. We laid a five inch supply line from the end of the driveway and put a hand line in service. Within minutes, command asked for a tanker-strike team and second alarm. The next engine picked up our line and began supplying more water to us. Other crews arrived shortly and an aggressive interior attack continued. In all, our engine was pumping a total of four hand lines. A tanker shuttle, including our second engine, was put into effect for a continuous water supply. Crews made a very good attack on the fire and contained it to the second floor. The Battalion Chief arrived and assumed command. Primary search turned up negative and the fire was placed under control in approximately half an hour. Additional crews checked for extension while other crews were rotated to the rehab units and to Jacksonville's air unit to fill up SCBA bottles. The incident lasted approximately four hours. Jacksonville had 11 personnel on the scene and an additional 6 standing by at the station. We would like to thank all the companies that were there, including: 39, 44, 43, 41, 1, 45, 50, 31, 49, 29, 2, 56, 14, 53, and the Rehab Units for good teamwork and a job well done.

Jacksonville Units: E471, E473, AU478

Jacksonville's engine and ambulance were alerted early Saturday night for a report of a car accident on Green Rd. The engine arrived to find one vehicle into a tree with the passenger heavily trapped. Command then requested the a rescue assignment. Jacksonville was assisted by other units, including mutual aid from Harford County. Both patients were extricated in under 12 minutes and transported by two separate helicopters to the trauma center.

Jacksonville Units: E471, E473, M475

In addition to holding the monthly pit beef fundraising event, the Jacksonville Volunteer Fire Company joined forces with the Red Cross to host a blood donation site. Members from the community, young and old, stopped by the firehouse to give blood and enjoy some good food to help those in need as well as the fire company.

In the early afternoon on Saturday, a fire box was dispatched for a report of a building fire in the 15000 block of Yeoho Rd. Units from Co 49 were only two miles away cleaning up a brush fire when they noticed a large column of smoke in that area. A tanker strike team was requested while units were en route due to the large amount of smoke and fire seen before arrival. B492 and E494 were first on scene and reported a 1-story commercial storage building approximately 180' x 80' heavily involved. It was reported by the owner that a diesel tank and numerous oxygen and acetylene bottles were inside the structure along with an assortment of farm equipment and supplies and many antiques. Numerous exposures including trailers, cars, equipment, fuel tanks, pesticides, and other buildings were a primary concern for attack crews to protect until an adequate water supply could be established. BC1 arrived with the first units, set up command, and requested a 2nd and 3rd alarm shortly thereafter for manpower and water. The water supply was set up by drafting from a nearby pond directly to the fire through over 8000' of 4 and 5 inch LDH hose pumped by TSU504 and relayed by E17, E312, E391, E401, E442 and to E494 at the fire ground. This supply relay supplied over 750GPM for two hours, flowing 4 1 3/4" hand lines and a 2 1/2" portable monitor gun. A secondary water source was set-up approx 1.5 miles away to fill tankers. The fire was brought under control by crews from over 50 pieces of equipment at approx 1900hrs with no civilian or fire injuries reported. This fire is still under investigation, but was believed to be an electrical short from equipment in the ceiling area.

Jacksonville Units: E471

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