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Early Tuesday afternoon, units from Jacksonville was dispatched for a 10-50PI with Rollover in the area of Sweet Air Road and Green Road. Medic 475 arrived in the area to find a Black 1993 Subaru Forester on its side with one patient trapped inside. The crew on M475 immediately upgraded the call to a working rescue and requested the Trooper. Engine 471's crew arrived immediately afterwards and assumed command. The engine crew along with additional personnel who responded on Special Unit 476 assisted the EMS crew with the patient, stabilized the vehicle, pulled a protective hand line, and commenced with extrication . After the passenger door was removed, the entire roof of the vehicle was removed. Extrication was completed in under ten minutes. Truck 297, Squad 483, and the remainder of the rescue assignment was placed in service before arriving on the scene. M475 transported the patient to the medevac landing site in a field off of Sweet Air Road where Engine 382 was standing by. The patient was taken by Trooper 8 to the trauma center . A total of ten personnel from Jacksonville operated on the scene for approximately 40 minutes.

Jacksonville Units: E471, M475, SU476

The first call of the year dispatched for Station 47 is not one heard too often. In the early morning, units from Jacksonville and throughout Baltimore County were dispatched for reports of an explosion at one of the off-site pumping locations for the Exxon-Mobil gasoline recovery operation. Engines 471 and 473 responded within minutes and arrived less than a minute later to find light smoke showing from one of the sheds at location. Nearby homeowners and workers from the Exxon-Mobil site were at location. An apparent electrical short had blown a fuse. Luckily, the incident did not progress any further. After confirming with on-site representatives that the situation was safe, units cleared.

Jacksonville Units: E471, E473

Just after 0730 hours, a building fire assignment was dispatched to The Meadows at Reisterstown, a senior apartment community at 300 Cantata Court. While units were still en-route, dispatch advised that multiple calls were being received in addition to a building fire alarm. Engine 56 arrived minutes later reporting heavy smoke showing and quickly requested a second alarm. As the incident progressed, a third and fourth alarm were requested in addition to three Medical Strike Teams. Jacksonville’s Air Unit 478 responded with dozens of units from throughout Baltimore County and neighboring jurisdictions. The building had 80 units, 64 of which were occupied. Nearly everyone was able to get out on their own. Three people were injured.

Jacksonville Units: AU478

Other Units: E413, E412, SQ414, M415, SU418, U419, E56, M56, E401, E311, T404, T313, BC22, EMS5, E19, T18, AU426, E422, TOW323, E18, E2, E503, E41, EMS 23, BC11, E391, TOW17, E501, T13, M18, EMS8, EMS1, E432, M19, REH156, SAFE3, M2, E431, DC5, FID6, BC33, M315, M17, EMS 7, E14, E321, TSU504, M117, E3, E1, M13, M107, M14, M1, EMS 2, T297, SQ303, T5, E494, T1, REH157, FL423, CCT2, CCTOW3, CCE134, CCE133, CCE92, CCE32, CCE123, CCM99, CCM139, CCM39, CCM29, CCM49, BCT18, MCP1

After being cancelled while en route to a firebox in 17's first-due, Jacksonville's Engine 471 was alerted to respond with other units to the report of a 1050PI at the intersection of Dulaney Valley Rd. and Pot Spring Rd. While responding, dispatch upgraded the call to a rescue assignment and advised that there were reports of people trapped. Squad 303 arrived and advised they had a two vehicle accident and one patient trapped. After a rapid evaluation, a medevac helicopter was requested for the trapped driver. The patient was extricated in less than ten minutes and flown to the regional trauma center. Engine 471 cleared within 45 minutes.

Jacksonville Units: E471

Units were dispatched for a fire-rescue box with multiple occupants trapped in Jacksonville's first-due area early Saturday morning. Engine 473 was first on the scene, reporting a two-story wood-framed dwelling with heavy fire showing on side Alpha. Crews quickly began an aggressive interior attack on what was then a fully-involved second floor that had spread to the attic. The occupants had made it out prior to the arrival of the fire department, however both occupants were transported by medic units for smoke inhalation and minor burns. A working fire profile and tanker strike team were both requested. The fire was held from spreading any further than its point upon the arrival of the first engine on the scene. Ten personnel from Jacksonville operated for over two hours along with a number of other personnel from neighboring departments.

Jacksonville Units: B472, E473, M475, U477, AU478

Just after 0700 hours on Saturday, units from the Northern end of the county were dispatched for the report of a dwelling fire. While enroute, Engine 441 requested a tanker strike team, which included Engine 471. Units from Hereford arrived minutes later, laying supply line in from the end of a long driveway. Command was established, reporting a 2-story single family dwelling 60% involved with fire. The working fire profile was then requested. Initial crews pulled two 1 ¾” lines to make an aggressive interior attack. A draft site was set up at a neighbors pool approximately 100 feet from the house. They advised the pool would give 20,000 gallons to work with. Units from numerous other stations arrived and their crews walked down the driveway to perform various tasks. Numerous units from 44 continued to work fire attack while an engine from Harford County established RIT. Engine 471 primarily worked on truck work. Multiple ladders were thrown to the roof. Jacksonville 's personnel worked on ventilation and at one point pulled a hand line up a ladder to the roof to work on attacking the fire from above. Other companies on the scene included units from Maryland Line, Cockeysville , Texas , and multiple other pieces of equipment from York and Harford Counties .

Jacksonville Units: E471

The Fallston Volunteer Fire and Ambulance Company held their annual open house on Sunday from 1100 hours until 1600 hours. This was held at their main station on Carrs Mill Road where all of their apparatus was on display. In addition, Jacksonville’s Engine 471 and Long Green’s Engine-Tanker 381 were invited. Activities for the day included an auto fire, auto extrication demonstration, and blood pressure screening. Food and drinks were also available. Fire prevention handouts were distributed to approximately 300 people. E471 also responded with other units to a fire alarm in Bel Air while at Fallston’s station. Photos courtesy of the Fallston Volunteer Fire and Ambulance Company.

Last Saturday, members of the Jacksonville Volunteer Fire Company participated in a fair to raise money to build a youth baseball field in memory of Benjamin Huxtable, a 4-year-old boy who died after being struck by a baseball before the start of an adult amateur game in Lutherville on Father's Day. After his death, his parents committed to fund to build a ball field in hopes that their son's spirit would live on through his love of baseball. More than $43,000 has been raised so far for the fund in addition to money raised on Saturday. Ben's Big-League Bash included baseball-related games, food, entertainment and a silent auction. The carnival took place from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Chestnut Grove Presbyterian Church on Sweet Air Road . Over twenty members on six pieces of apparatus assisted with standing by to provide emergency services during the event. In addition, tours of the fire engines and demonstrations of other equipment were given.

Members from the Jacksonville and Long Green Volunteer Fire Companies spent part of their weekend training together at the Baltimore County Fire Rescue Academy. This allowed new and seasoned personnel to practice basic and advanced skills in order to be ready for any incident. It was a great experience for all who participated.

Jacksonville Units: E471, SU476, AU478

Just after midnight on Wednesday, multiple units from the Second Battalion were dispatched for a report of a dwelling fire on Evan Way in Pikesville’s first due area. Units arrived minutes later to find a fully involved dwelling. A working fire dispatch was requested along with a second alarm and tanker strike team.

Jacksonville Units: AU478

Other Units: E2, E321, E19, E312, TOW323, SQ322, BC2, M2, E14, T313, T18, M19, AU426, REH156, E331, E101, E3, E56, T 404, SQ414, EMS5, BC1, ET431, E422, E494, E17, E292

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