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Members from Jacksonville joined other companies from throughout Baltimore County for a day of training in water supply evolutions. This allowed companies to familiarize themselves with the latest techniques related to establishing and maintaining a water supply in an area without hydrants.

On a nice Friday afternoon, a number of Jacksonville Volunteers took the time to go out and inspect some of the many “dry hydrants” in the first due area. These dry hydrants lead to underground cisterns with capacities from 10,000 to 60,000 gallons of water. These sites are extremely important in rural areas not served by city water. These inspections allowed for verification that everything was working correctly and also allowed for some members to train using the tanker support unit to set up for drafting operations.

At 0130 hours Monday morning, units from the West Battalion of Baltimore County were dispatched for a report of a building fire on Rosewood Lane in Owings Mills. Multiple alarms of equipment were requested including Jacksonville's Air Unit 478. Enigne 473 was dispatched to the scene, cancelled, and then ordered to transfer to Station 17. Engine 471 remained at the station on standby for over five hours while 17 was being filled in.

Jacksonville Units: E471, E473, AU478

Other Units: E311, E19, E2, E56, T313, T18, SQ414, BC22, E18, E503, E321, E413, E461, TOW323, T13, SQ322, E13, E14, E301, E17, E101, E10, BC11, DC2

At approximately 7:45 p.m. on Friday, units were dispatched for a dwelling fire in the Monkton Farms development in Hereford's first-due. Jacksonville 's Engine 473 was out the door and en-route to the incident within seconds of dispatch. While units were still responding, dispatch advised that there were multiple calls, some reporting fire shooting out of the roof. A column of smoke was evident from over five miles away. While still minutes from the scene, Hereford 's first engine requested a tanker strike team. Engine 473 was the first unit to arrive and the officer established command. A working fire assignment was then requested, bringing Jacksonville 's Air Unit 478. Due to a sharp bend in the driveway, the engine ended up getting stuck entering the driveway, but remained in its position to pump the entire fireground for hours. Crews on the scene pulled two 1 ¾” handlines and worked to make an aggressive exterior attack. So much of the house had been consumed by fire that an interior attack was not possible. Within a few minutes of putting initial handlines in service, the roof and second floor collapsed. Multiple larger handlines and monitors were put into operation as additional units arrived. Crews worked through the night attempting to extinguish the fire. Other companies on the call included Cockeysville, Long Green, and Texas.

Jacksonville Units: E473, AU478

At approximately 1600 hours on Wednesday, Jacksonville’s Engine 473 and Medic 475 were dispatched for a reported motor vehicle accident in the area of Warren Road and the Loch Raven Reservoir. M475 arrived on the scene to find a male in his mid-forties who was conscious but not alert due to a head injury sustained in the collision. After an initial evaluation, it was determined that the patient was priority one and MD State Police Trooper 1 was requested. The closest available landing site to the accident was the Jacksonville firehouse. Engine 473 responded back to the station and set up the landing site. The patient was then transported by the medic to the landing site and loaded into the helicopter and transported to the trauma center. Units then cleared and went back in service in the station.

Jacksonville Units: E473, M475

As part of a joint BCoFD/BCVFA training event, Jacsonville's volunteers joined other career and volunteer members in performing a number of water supply drills. Individuals were given the chance to practice tasks such as drafting and performing a tanker shuttle to maintain adequate flow to a fireground.

Early Saturday afternoon, units from Jacksonville and the surrounding area were dispatched for a reported motor vehicle accident with entrapment right down the street from the station. Engine 473 responded and arrived within minutes to find a significant accident with one vehicle off the roadway. The officer on E473 assumed command as the crew began to assess the situation. M475 and SU476 also responded at this time. It was quickly discovered that none of the occupants of either vehicle were trapped; however, there was a total of five patients. The rescue assignment was cancelled and two additional medic units were requested. M475 transported the elderly patient from one car as the crews from Ambulance 791 and Medic 1 each handled two patients of their own. The total time on scene was approximately 45 minutes.

Jacksonville Units: E473, M475, SU476

Other Units: M1, HCA791

Just before 0200 hours Wednesday morning, Jacksonville responded with units from Long Green, Providence, Kingsville, and Texas to a reported motor vehicle accident. Additional information from the caller reported that a single vehicle had hit a pole, flipped onto its roof, was on fire, and had two people trapped inside. Engine 382 and IV 475 arrived simultaneously to find a fully involved convertible on its roof that had sheared a pole in half and had live electrical wires above it. BGE was immediately requested with an emergency response. It was unknown whether anyone was inside the vehicle at this point. The crew from E382 pulled an 1 ¾” crosslay and extinguished the fire within minutes. It was then discovered that the vehicle was unoccupied. Upon searching through the woods with thermal imaging cameras, it was discovered that two patients had been ejected from the vehicle. After evaluating the condition of the first patient and the mechanism of injury, Maryland State Police Trooper 1 was requested to expedite transport to the trauma center. Upon evaluation of the second patient, units at location requested a second helicopter. Patients were treated, packaged, and loaded into both helicopters. IV475 remained on the scene with multiple other units assisting police. Total time on scene was almost two hours.

Jacksonville Units: IV475

After being out of service for over seven months due to handling concerns, “The Source” was proudly put back into operation mid-February of this year. Jacksonville’s new and improved tanker support unit underwent numerous upgrades to improve its handling, power, and off-road capabilities. Some of the performance upgrades included a brand new turbocharger, new injectors, and a new 4” exhaust. Changes made to improve the steering and suspension included all new leaf springs with extra leaves, new shocks, stabilizers, and bushings. Its off-road capabilities have been drastically improved with custom 19.5” aluminum wheels with industrial off-road tires from Rickson Truck Accessories. “The Source” was put to the test at the fire on Patterson Farm Road this past month where it pumped over 18,000 gallons to supply the fireground. The Jacksonville Volunteer Fire Company would like to thank the many individuals and companies who worked to make this happen.

After a not-so-busy week, JVFC members were running three calls at once Saturday evening. On the East side of the county, Engine 10 had arrived on the scene of an apartment fire in a 10-23 box reporting fire through the roof. The air unit was dispatched on the second alarm working fire assignment. A week ago at a similar time, the air unit had been on a two alarm 11 box. While personnel were operating on the scene of the 10 box, Engine 473 was dispatched as the second-due engine for a reported dwelling fire in Hereford’s district. As the engine was just around the corner from the scene, Engine 442 arrived and reported a bonfire to the rear of the house. The box was then placed in service. In the meantime, Medic 475 was dispatched to a medical emergency down the street from the station. Throughout all of this, 47 had an additional crew standing by at the station.

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