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Just before midnight on Wednesday, units from Harford County’s Company 7 were dispatched for an automatic fire alarm in the 4100 block of Old York Road in Jarrettsville. After calling enroute, dispatch advised that there were reports of smoke coming from the roof and the full building fire assignment was being dispatched. Baltimore County Stations 44, 45, and 47 were alerted to respond. Chief 7 arrived on the scene minutes later confirming smoke showing an auto repair shop and requesting a tanker shuttle. Additional units from Jarrettsville arrived minutes later and deployed two hand lines to make an aggressive interior attack in the area of the fire origin. Once the bulk of the fire was knocked in that area, crews started removing the sheet metal ceiling, revealing a large amount of fire in the attic area. The crew from Jacksonville worked to ventilate the roof in several areas, while interior crews continued to remove the sheet metal ceiling. A third hand line was taken to the roof area to knock the bulk of the fire. The fire was placed under control at 0037 hours. Over the course of the next 2 hours, crews continued to work to locate hot spots and perform overhaul operations. Minimal damage was sustained to the building.

Jacksonville Units: E471

Other Units: E442, E451, TT446, TSU444

Just after 1800 hours, units from Northern Baltimore County were alerted for a report of a house on fire in the 15200 block of Jarrettsville Pike in Company 47’s first-due area. Jacksonville’s Engine 471 and Special Unit 476 responded within minutes of dispatch. In less than five minutes from the time of the call to 911, Engine 471 was on the scene reporting fire showing from the second floor of a two-story, single family, wood frame dwelling. Command was established and a Tanker Strike Team was requested. Initial crews from 47 extended a 1 ¾” hand line into the structure and made their way to the second floor where they found a bedroom on fire with extension into the attic. Additional units from Jacksonville and nearby stations arrived and assisted the first-in crews. An aggressive interior attack held the fire to its point at the arrival of the fire department. It was quickly knocked down and was reported under control within fifteen minutes. The incident was scaled down to the initial first-alarm assignment and units remained at location awaiting investigators. Jarrettsville’s Engine 714 remained on standby filling in Jacksonville while units remained at the incident. Once an investigation was complete, crews worked to perform salvage and overhaul operations. Station 47 had a total of sixteen personnel operating at the scene for approximately three hours and an additional six personnel on standby at the station.

Jacksonville Units: E471, E473, TSU474, M475, SU476, U477, AU478

Other Units: E392, E442, TSU444, TT446, TOW17, E17, TT488, TSU394, E382, E381, BC1, SQ533, FID3, FID8

Units from Fullerton and the surrounding area were dispatched for a building fire. They arrived to find a single-story restuarant and confirmed kitchen fire with extension to the roof. Command then requested a working fire, bringing Jacksonville's AU478. As the incident progressed, a second alarm was requested due to the type of construction and possible fire spread to numerous additions.

Jacksonville Units: AU478

Other Units: E8, T8, E10, E55, T1, E11, E16, BC11, E281, T15, REH153, REH154, REH155, M11, E12, E101, E1, E292, FL293, M7, M11, EMS6, BC33, DC3, EMS21, FID6, FID11, AC2, SQ523, SAFE3

Christmas Day was one of the busiest days in the month of December for the members of Station 47. At approximately 300 hours on Monday morning, Jacksonville’s Ambulance 475 and Texas’s Medic 17 were dispatched along with Baltimore County Police for a 911 call reporting an emotionally ill violent subject off of Manor Road. A475 responded instantly, arrived near the location, and staged until the arrival of four police cars. After a notification was made that the scene was safe, personnel entered the residence to find that a fight had resulted in a male sustaining dozens of lacerations from broken glass. A significant amount of blood was lost from a severed artery. After bandaging the wounds and establishing an IV line with the help of M17, A475 transported the Priority 2 patient to the trauma center.

As families were waking up and unwrapping presents later in the morning, a member of the community stopped by the firehouse and advised that there was a thick column of dark smoke coming out of the nearby elementary school. SU476 responded immediately to investigate. Upon arrival, a fire box was requested for a possible fire in the school. Jacksonville’s E471, E473, TSU474, and U477 responded on the assignment. After forcing entry into the school and investigating the source of the smoke, it was discovered that it was caused by a malfunction of the boiler system. The remainder of the assignment was cancelled and crews cleared shortly thereafter.

Later in the afternoon, Jacksonville’s M475 was dispatched with Long Green’s E382 for a report of a car accident with multiple patients in the area of Loch Raven Drive and Dulaney Valley Road. Medic 475 responded and arrived minutes later to find the crew from Engine 382 attending to the patients involved in the two-car collision. One patient was transported to a nearby hospital.

Later in the day, just as members were getting ready to have dinner with their families, a call was dispatched for a fire alarm sounding in a residence on Carroll Mill Road. Engine 471 and Special Unit 476 responded on the call. Units arrived minutes later to find that smoke from burnt food had set of the smoke detector and cleared on an accidental alarm.

A few hours after dinner time, the alarms went off once again for a working fire in Liberty Road. Jacksonville’s Air Unit 478 was dispatched as part of the Rapid Intervention Task Force and Tanker Strike Team for a garage fire in a 46-7 box. Station 47’s response was then cancelled when a closer Air Unit responded late.

As if drivers weren’t having enough problems with all of the detours due to flooded roads and fallen trees and downed wires, units from Jacksonville were dispatched for multiple reports of an accident in the vicinity of Jarrettsville Pike and Manor Road on Thursday. E473 and M475 responded within a minute of dispatch and worked their way through heavy rush hour traffic until they reached the scene. The equipment arrived and found three vehicles that had been involved in a collision when a van pulled out of a driveway in front of two other cars. Two of the three vehicles were totaled. One of them was hit so hard that all four wheels broke off and it was slammed into the side of a hill. Amazingly, there were no injuries. The units from Jacksonville remained on the scene for some time providing lighting and keeping the road shut down until multiple tow trucks arrived.

Jacksonville Units: E473, M475

Empty bays at Station 47 were a common sight for anyone driving past on Thursday. As a powerful storm worked its way up the East Coast, the rain and wind wreaked havoc throughout Jacksonville. Units spent all afternoon responding to reports of trees that had fallen and power lines that were down. In addition, personnel spent a significant amount of time pumping water out of household basements that had flooded due to the incredible amount of rain. Thousands of gallons of water were also pumped out of a large crawlspace at the Carroll Manor Elementary School just before it flooded classrooms. Equipment also responded to multiple fire alarm malfunctions due to the weather.

Just after it had gotten dark on Thursday, units from Jacksonville and special rescue and dive teams from throughout Baltimore and Harford Counties were dispatched for the report of a vehicle in the water with people inside. Five units from Jacksonville responded instantly and arrived minutes later to find a sedan in the middle of a flooded Greene Road near the Harford County line. Command was established as crews investigated the situation. It was quickly determined that all occupants were out of the vehicle. The driver advised that he thought he could drive through the water that was over one foot deep when his car stalled out. The remainder of the rescue assignment was cancelled and the scene was turned over to Baltimore County Police who shut the road down.

Jacksonville Units: E471, B472, E473, M475, U477

During what was otherwise a quiet Tuesday afternoon, units from Long Green, Jacksonville, the Advanced Tactical Rescue Team, and numerous other companies throughout Baltimore County were alerted for a high-rise aerial rescue assignment on Devonfield Drive. Initial reports indicated that a four year old male had climbed approximately twenty feet into a tree and was stuck. E473 and IV475 responded in less than a minute and arrived shortly thereafter to find a frantic mother pointing to her son aproximately 15 - 20 feet in the center of a large pine tree. Personnel from Jacksonville quickly threw a ladder and climbed up to rescue the boy. The WBAL Skyteam 11 helicopter was overhead during the entire incident and captured the rescue on video. The boy was carried down safely and the remainder of the rescue assignment was placed in service. Firefighters and EMTs gave the boy and his mother a tour of the fire engine and returned to the station.

Jacksonville Units: E473, IV475

As the trucks were backing into the station and personnel were cleaning up from the fly-out early Saturday morning, the tones at the Jacksonville Volunteer Fire Company sounded once again. While returning to Station 17 from the landing site less than five minutes after the helicopter was airborne, the EMS supervisor came across a single vehicle accident on Merrymans Mill Road in the area of Sunnybrook Road. After a quick scene assessment, the discovery was made that the driver, the only occupant, was trapped inside of the car. EMS7 requested the rescue assignment, bringing Engine 471, Engine 473, Medic 475, and numerous additional units from throughout the area. The units from Jacksonville arrived within a minute to find a sedan that had run through a guardrail, down an embankment, and into a tree. The crews on both engines and the medic unit worked to stabilize the patient as a protective handline was pulled. The hydraulic rescue tools on E473 were then setup to commence extrication. Crews worked for approximately ten minutes to free the teenage male patient. Once the driver was freed, the remainder of the rescue assignment was cancelled. The patient was then fully immobilized and loaded into the back of the medic unit. He was then transported to the trauma center and the remainder of the units on scene cleared shortly thereafter.

Jacksonville Units: E471, E473, M475

Other Units: EMS7

At approximately 0130 hours on Saturday morning, units from Station 47 were alerted to respond to a report of a vehicle accident with rollover in the area of Sweet Air Road and Manor Glen Court. Engine 473 and Paramedic 475 responded on the initial call. Both units arrived minutes later to find a small car on its roof and partially in a ditch on the side of the road. As personnel were approaching the scene, a civilian was assisting the driver out of the rear window. After a quick assessment of the patient's injuries and signs of loss of consciousness, it was determined that the best means of transporting the patient would be by Maryland State Police Helicopter. Trooper 8 was requested with a 15 minute ETA. The patient was stabilized and transported by ground to the landing site on the helipad at Station 47. EMS 7 and Engine 471 assisted with additional patient treatment and securing the landing site. The patient was loading into the helicopter and transported to the trauma center.

Jacksonville Units: E471, E473, M475

Other Units: EMS7

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