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Fire department units were dispatched at 1407 hours on Wednesday for reports of a 10-50PI with an unconscious patient on Merrymans Mill Road near Bladon Road in Company 47's first due area. Engine 473, Utility 477, Medic 395, and EMS 7 responded on the initial call. Jacksonville's E473 arrived minutes later to find an SUV that had struck a tree approximately 20 feet off the road and down an embankment. The unconscious driver was found trapped inside. Command was established by the officer on E473. A rescue assignment was requested along with a medevac helicopter and an additional engine. EMS7 arrived minutes later and established the medical group. Crews from 47, 29, and 30 worked approximately thirty minutes to free the patient as medical personnel worked to stabilize him. Engine 391 handled the landing site for Trooper 3 at Station 47. The priority 1 patient was then flown to the trauma center where he was later pronounced dead.

Jacksonville Units: E473, U477

Other Units: EMS7, M395, T297, SQ303, E391, BC11

In the late hours of the night, numerous Baltimore County fire stations were dispatched to a reported dwelling fire on Ellendale Drive just around the corner from the Providence Volunteer Fire Company. First arriving units reported heavy fire showing from the garage with fire spreading into the house. A working fire assignment was then requested, bringing Jacksonville’s Air Unit 478. Crews took multiple hose lines into the dwelling and encountered thick smoke and heavy fire conditions. Personnel made an aggressive interior attack to knock the fire and prevent it from spreading further.

Jacksonville Units: AU478

Other Units: BC1, E291, E292, E302, E101, E11, E10, E17, E382, T297, T1, FL293, M1, EMS1, REH153, REH154, REH155

Truck 1 was alerted for a fire alarm at the Maples of Towson shortly after 1600 hours on Friday. While en-route, dispatch advised them to respond emergency for a reported odor of smoke in the facility. A local fire box was then requested. Arriving units found smoke in the a multi-story assisted living facility and requested a full fire box. Jacksonville's Air Unit 478 was also requested to the scene. Units worked to extinguish the fire, evacuate elderly residents, and perform salvage and overhaul operations. The fire was contained to one unit and the roof area.

Jacksonville Units: AU478.

Other Units: BC1, E1, E101, E11, E302, E10, E17, E2, E14, T1, TOW17, SQ303, M1, M101, M17, M10 EMS1, EMS7, OEP3

Just a few minutes after the clock struck midnight Saturday morning, fire stations throughout the Towson area were dispatched for the report of a motel fire. While en-route, units advised they could see flames in the sky just around the corner from Fire Station 1. Engine 101 arrived within minutes of dispatch and reported heavy fire showing. A second alarm was then requested, bringing Jacksonville 's AU478 on the rapid intervention task force. Crews worked to aggressively extinguish the fire and conduct a primary search of other motel rooms. Firefighters discovered a body in the room where the fire initially started.

Jacksonville Units: AU478

Other Units: BC1, E101, E307, E291, E11, E17, E14, E301, E10, E392, T1, T297, TOW17, T8, SQ303, M11, M17, EMS1, EMS7, REH153, REH154, REH155

At approximately 0930 hours on Saturday, units from Northern Baltimore County were dispatched for a plane crash in Company 47’s first due area. Jacksonville’s E471, E473, and IV475 responded on the initial call. While en-route, dispatch advised that multiple calls were being received reporting a glider had crashed in the area of Blenheim Road and Country Club Lane. The units from Jacksonville arrived and updated the location to Greentree Drive and Country Club Lane. Command was established and personnel confirmed that a single-engine plane had crashed. After further investigation, units advised dispatch that there were three fatalities and cancelled the remainder of the units coming with the exception of Truck 297. The immediate area was then cordoned off and the site was secured. Personnel from Jacksonville worked with police to contact the appropriate agencies. Investigators from the BCoPD, FAA, NTSB, and other organizations responded. Crews from Stations 47, 29, and 14 worked for approximately three hours cutting away pieces of the mangled plane. All units cleared the scene at approximately 1800 hours. Units from Jacksonville returned again on Sunday and Monday to assist with the ongoing NTSB investigation and removal of the wreckage.

Jacksonville Units: E471, E473, IV475, SU476, U477

Other Units: T297

At 1653 hours, units were dispatched for the report of an accident involving two vehicles at the intersection of Monkton Rd and Markoe Rd in Monkton. Engine 473 arrived minutes later to find a two-vehicle MVC involving a car and a pickup truck. The car had struck the pickup in such a way to dislodge the rear axle. This created a leak of a significant amount of fluids including the entire contents of the gasoline tank. The Haz-Mat company from Station 14 responded with additional absorbent along with Utility 477. IV535 transported one patient.

Jacksonville Units: E473, U477

Other Units: IV535, HM114, FU14

In the early evening on Tuesday, fire stations throughout the Towson area were dispatched to the report of a dwelling fire off of Regester Avenue. Hillendale's Engine 11 was the first unit to arrive, reporting smoke showing and quickly upgrading the assignment to a working fire. Jacksonville's Air Unit 478 responded along with other units. The air unit remained at loction for some period of time, filling a total of 34 air bottles and practically draining the air cascade. The fire reportedly began in the attic of the home.

Jacksonville Units: AU478

On Saturday, the Jacksonville Volunteer Fire Company placed in service a new medic unit to replace our old 1999 Ford/Lifeline unit. The new unit is a 2007 GMC 4500 medium-duty chassis with a Horton model 555 72" headroom module. The unit is fully ALS equipped. It also features all LED lighting and an on-board Garmin StreetPilot 7200 GPS unit. Some of the other features include multi-plex wiring, a CPR seat, special compartmentation, and a hydraulic oxygen bottle lift. The cost of the unit minus the portable equipment was $146,000. The old 1999 unit has been donated to the Baltimore County Central Alarmers for their use in rehab services.

A week after a dwelling fire in a nearby neighborhood, Baltimore County stations were alerted for a report of a dwelling fire at 0300 hours Sunday morning. Engine 11 was first arriving, reporting fire showing and requesting a working fire assignment. This brought a number of other units through the cold, snowy, icy mess to assist with extinguishment and overhaul. The house suffered a complete burnout of the basement with extension to the first and second floors.

Jacksonville Units: AU478

At 1945 Wednesday night, an individual walked into the Hillendale fire station and reported a house fire in the 1000 block of Sayward Ave. Firefighters began heading towards the location as additional units wee dispatched. They arrived minutes later reporting that a fire in the chimney had spread into the walls and roof. A working fire assignment was requested, bringing a few additional units including Jacksonville's air unit.

Jacksonville Units: AU478

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