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Just before midnight, a number of stations were dispatched for multiple calls coming in reporting a house on fire on Willow Ave in Towson. Truck 1 arrived on the scene and advised the house was fully involved with multiple exposures on both sides. A second alarm was then requested. Exterior operations were used to extinguish the first house while crews made an aggressive interior attack on the house next door.

Jacksonville Units: AU478

Other Units: DC1, BC11, E101, E301, E11, E292, E10, E14, E17, E392, E8, T1, T297, TOW17, SQ303, SQ322, M1, M11, EMS1, REH154, REH155

Less than a half hour after the clock struck midnight on Friday, units from Station 17 were dispatched for reports of a car accident in the vicinity of York Road and Warren Road. As they responded, the dispatch center received additional information that there was an auto fire at location. Less than a minute later, the fire box assignment was dispatched as Battalion Chief 11 arrived on the scene reporting a 10-50PI involving a small SUV and a tractor trailer delivering parts to the nearby Frankel Acura dealership. The car had collided into the truck’s diesel tank and sparked a massive blaze that spread to more than eight other cars on the dealership parking lot. Diesel fuel continued to spill into the storm drains. BC11 established command and requested a Haz-Mat assignment. Jacksonville’s Engine 473, and Air Unit 478 responded on the call. They remained at location assisting other companies with foam operations as Jacksonville’s Engine 471 transferred to Station 17 and was later requested to the scene.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H7ZugYM2-gM

Jacksonville Units: E471, E473, AU478

Other Units: BC11, DC1, E17, E302, E392, E101, E307, E391, E301, E292, E11, E473, TOW17, T1, T297, E14, HM114, FOAM14, E13, HMS13, SQ322, SQ533, M17, EMS7, Rehab 154, 155, MDE

Just after 2100 hours on Monday, units were dispatched for reports of a motor vehicle collision on Manor Road in the vicinity of the Kimberly development. Long Green's Engine 382 and Jacksonville's Medic 475 responded on the call. Units arrived a few minutes after dispatch to find a two-car accident.

Jacksonville Units: M475

Other Units: E382

Just before midnight on Wednesday, units were dispatched to a report of a house filled with smoke on Dulaney Court in Company 38's first due area. Jacksonville's E471 responded on the initial assignment. Engine 382 arrived minutes later and reported nothing evident. The status was then upgraded to smoke inside and upgraded again to a confirmed fire in the basement. Crews worked to extinguish the fire and had it knocked down within minutes. Personnel from Jacksonville joined those from Long Green and Providence in performing salvage and overhaul operations. All units cleared by 0120 hours.

Jacksonville Units: E471, AU478

Other Units: E381, E382, B384, U388, E292, FL293, T297, E10, E17, FID6, BC11

At just after 2200 hours on Saturday, units from White Marsh and the surrounding area were dispatch for multiple reports of a lumber yard on fire. Units responded and arrived less than a minute later and reported heavy fire showing. A working fire was immediatly requested, bringing a number of additional units to the scene, including Jacksonville's air unit.

Jacksonville Units: AU478

In the middle of the day on Sunday, units from Long Green and nearby stations were dispatched for a report of a car accident with rollover and entrapment in the area of Williams Road and Long Green Pike. Engine 382 responded and arrived minutes later to find an SUV laying on its side in a field. The patient had already been freed from the vehicle. After a quick evaluation, the medevac helicopter was requested and patient care was initiated. Jacksonville's IV475 arrived minutes later and assisted with stabilization and care until the arrival of the helicopter. Engine 381 handled the landing zone.

Jacksonville Units: IV475

Other Units: E381, E382, IV485, EMS1

A number of Jacksonville's firefighters joined those from other companies in waking up early to go to a house burn training hosted by Jarrettsville on Saturday. A large farm house had been donated by homeowners to save on demolition costs and to allow the local fire departments the chance to perform some training evolutions. Crews were able to perform a variety of tasks including water supply evolutions and drafting as well as interior firefighting. Crews were also able to practice other tasks needed on the fireground such as the RIT group and vent group. While awaiting additional evolutions, a number of Jacksonville’s members responded to a report of a dwelling fire to fill out the crews of Harford County Tanker 1025 and York County Tanker 56-1. The units were cancelled prior to arrival. Members returned to the fireground to get a few more evolutions in before a lunch break. After lunch, the house was allowed to be fully consumed. Jacksonville’s members would like to thank Jarrettsville for the invitation and especially for providing a delicious lunch during the successful day.

Fire department units from throughout Baltimore County were dispatched for reports of a possible chemical spill at Dulaney High School just before 0800 hours on Friday. Units arrived minutes later and were advised by school personnel that there was a chlorine-like gas coming out of a second floor bathroom. Command was established by BC11 and the Baltimore County Police Bomb Squad was then requested. The entire school was evacuated as a precaution as crews began to investigate. Once a plan was formulated to make entry and begin cleanup operations, Jacksonville AU478 and the rehab units were requested to the scene. One teacher was transported to a local hospital after suffering from dizziness. There were no other injuries. All apparatus cleared the scene in under three hours.

Jacksonville Units: AU478

Other Units: BC11, DC1, DC5, E17, TOW17, M17, M117, EMS7, E391, E307, E101, E14, FOAM14, HM114, M14, E13, HMS13, REH153, REH154, REH155, FID2

At 1645 hours on Sunday, units were dispatched for multiple reports of a dwelling fire off of Loch Raven Boulevard in Hillendale’s first due area. While still en-route, Engine 11 reported thick black smoke in the area. They arrived minutes later to find a two-story duplex on in the 1600 block of Mussula Road and reported heavy fire showing. After bystanders reported the possibility of occupants still being inside, a fire rescue assignment was requested. Engine 10 and Engine 291 came to the alley and reported fire on both floors to the rear of the dwelling. Units worked to extinguish the fire and search the residence. The fire was knocked down at which point Jacksonville’s Air Unit 478 and the rehab units were requested for extensive overhaul operations. The primary and secondary search revealed the occupants were not home. Two cats were rescued by firefighters and given oxygen.

Jacksonville Units: AU478

Other Units: BC1, E11, E101, E10, E302, E307, E8, E291, T8, T1, M10, EMS6, REH153, REH154, REH155

At 1727 hours on Friday, numerous companies were dispatched for multiple reports of a dwelling fire in the area of Patterson Road and Sweet Air Road in Jacksonville's first-due area. A large column of black smoke was evident by multiple units from a distance. A tanker strike team was then requested by E471 from approximately four miles away. Units arrived minutes later to find a two-story, single family dwelling with heavy fire conditions on the first floor. Command was established by the officer on E471 and a working fire assignment was then requested. Initial units put two 1.75" hand lines into operation and began aggressively attacking the fire. The bulk of the fire was knocked down within 20 minutes of arrival. BC11 arrived at location soon after and assumed command. As the fire was brought under control, units were gradually released. Crews from 47, 38, and 48 remained on scene approximately three hours performing salvage/overhaul operations and assisting FID. The last personnel on scene cleared at 2035 hours.

Jacksonville Units: E471, B472, E473, M475, SU476, U477

Other Units: E381, E382, U388, HCE1311, HCE1312, HCT1331, E481, E482, B484, SQ483, TT488, E392, SU393, TSU394, E291, E292, E17, TOW17, E101, AU426, REH153, REH154, REH155, FID2, BC11

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