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At 1709 hours on Friday, Jacksonville was alerted for multiple reports of a car accident in the area of Merrymans Mill Road and Blythenia Road. Engine 473 responded and arrived minutes later to find a two-vehicle collision with multiple injured subjects. A brief assessment yielded only minor injuries. The medic unit was cancelled when all individuals reported they didn;t want to be transported. The engine crew handled two patient refusals and general accident cleanup. The crew cleared at 1730 hours.

Jacksonville Units: E473

Other Units: M11

As colder winter temperatures came to the region, members of the community began to use their chimneys again. As in previous years, this leads to an increase in fires due to a lack of regular cleaning and maintenance on many of these chimneys. At 1629 hours on Thursday, Station 47 was alerted for the report of smoke coming from the roof of a dwelling. Engine 471 responded on the initial assignment along with units from other neighboring companies in the first Battalion. Engine 473, Tanker Support Unit 474, and Special Unit 476 also responded. Units arrived minutes later to find a two story dwelling with smoke showing from the chimney. A brief investigation found that the metal insert in the flue had broken and had ignited a fire within the chimney. After no extension into the dwelling was found, the assignment was downgraded to E471, E391, and TOW17. Units remained on the scene for approximately two hours working to extinguish the fire and perform overhaul operations.

Jacksonville Units: E471, E473, TSU474, SU476

Other Units: E391, TSU394, E382, E17, BC11

At 1037 hours on Tuesday, units from Cockeysville and other nearby fire stations were dispatched for the report of a house on fire in the 14500 block of Western Road. Additional information advised that the female caller had started a fire in the fireplace Christmas morning and it had gotten out of control. Units arrived on the scene minutes later to find a two story dwelling with fire showing. A tanker strike team was then requested, bringing a number of units including Jacksonville's Engine 471. A few minutes later, Air Unit 478 was dispatched along with other units when a working fire assignment was requested. While both units from Jacksonville were still enroute, crews on the scene worked to make an aggressive interior attack. Just as E471 was arriving on scene, command advised that the incident was under control and began to scale back the number of units committed. Engine 471 cleared and returned to the station while Air Unit 478 remained on the scene for two hours filling bottles as personnel performed salvage and overhaul operations. Firefighters rescued two out of 18 cats that were inside the house. The homeowner suffered minor injuries when she attempted to punch out windows to allow the cats to escape.

Jacksonville Units: E471, AU478

Other Units: E391, E392, TSU394, E17, TOW17, E14, HM114, M395, EMS7, BC11, E501, TT454, TSU504, U408, E60, E442, SU407, E14, E441, E413, E452, E441, E302, E493, E101, TSU444, E401, TT446, S303, E503, REH153, REH154, REH155

At approximately 0330 hours Thursday morning, units from Northern Baltimore County, York County, and Carroll County were dispatched for a report of a house fire on Slab Bridge Road. York County Chief 58 was the first arriving unit and reported a dwelling fully involved with fire. Command was established as a working fire assignment and tanker strike team were requested. Jacksonville's Engine 471 responded on the tanker strike team. After a 33 minute response, E471 arrived at the scene. The crew assisted other personnel at the house while the engine assisted with shuttling water from a nearby pond. The fire was finally brought under control but the structure was a total loss. There were no injuries. Engine 471 cleared at approximately 0600 hours.

Jacksonville Units: E471

Other Units: E452, E442, E451, TT446, E441, E392, TSU444, BC11, E17, SU393, SU448, E431, M60, S533, E302, TT454, E401, E422, FID6, REH153, REH154, REH155

At 1518 hours on Tuesday, units from Jacksonville were dispatched for reports of a car accident at Jarrettsville Pike and Sweet Air Road. Crews arrived to find a two car accident in which one vehicle had a ruptured gas tank. Personnel found the contents of a full tank of gasoline leaking onto the roadway and into a storm drain South of the scene. Crews worked quickly to contain the significant amount of gas leaking onto the street. The roadway was shut down to ensure safety of the crews working at the scene while Engine 473 requested the Haz-Mat units from Station 14 and the Maryland Department of the Environment to respond to the location due to the amount of liquid spilled. Crews from Stations 47, 38, and 14 worked with members of MDE for approximately two hours to ensure that the hazard was mitigated from the street and the storm drain. Units cleared at approximately 1740 hours.

Jacksonville Units: E473, U477, M475

Other Units: E14, HM114, M14, U388, MDE

Just after 2300 hours on Friday, units from Long Green surrounding stations were dispatched for a report of a chimney fire on Marc Lane in Glen Arm. Jacksonville's Engine 473 responded on the initial assignment. Minutes later, Kingsville's Engine 482 arrived on the scene reporting fire showing. A working fire assignment was immediatly requested. The crew from Engine 473 arrived and walked down the long driveway to the house. Personnel then secured equipment from Fullerton's Truck 8 and established the Rapid Intervention Team. In the meantime, a tanker strike team had been requested, bringing 47's other engine. Jacksonville's crew worked to throw ladders to the house. At that time, the crew was re-assigned to Division 2 to assist units with fire attack. Just as personnel had made entry into the house, crews on the roof reported deteriorating conditions and prompted command to request an evacuation. Jacksonville's crew then worked to extend a hand line to the rear of the dwelling for exterior attack. After a brief re-assessment of conditions, command ordered crews back inside. The crew from 47 then extended a hand line to the roof of the structure and worked with Truck 8 to extinguish the fire and ventilate the structure. After the fire had been knocked down, Jacksonville's members assisted with salvage and overhaul. After the majority of the work had been done, E473's personnel worked with the water supply officer to break down the fold-a-tank and other supply equipment being used in the tanker shuttle. Units cleared in the early morning.

Jacksonville Units: E471, E473

Other Units: E482, E382, E55, S483, E10, T8, IV485, BC11, E8, M8, E201, T297, U388, E292, TT488, TSU444, AU248, TT446, U205, E381, FID3, TSU394,REH153, REH154, REH155, EMS6, SAFE1, U487, M55

Just after 1700 hours on Friday, units from the Towson area were dispatched for the report of a dwelling fire in the area of Burke Avenue and Towsontown Boulevard. Units worked their way through rush hour traffic and arrived a few minutes after dispatch to find fire showing from a vacant two story house on Burke Avenue in the area of York Road. Crews made an aggressive attack and contained the fire to the original fire building. Air Unit 478 responded as a special request by command. Twelve bottles were filled prior to clearing the scene.

Jacksonville Units: AU478

Other Units: E101, T1, S303, E302, E307, E292, E14, FID2

At 1943 hours on Saturday, units from Jacksonville and surrounding companies were alerted for the report of an accident involving two cars at the intersection of Sweet Air Road and Manor Road. Additional information from the caller reported one person trapped inside of one of the cars. Engine 473 responded and arrived minutes after dispatch. Command was established and reported that a "door pop" was needed to extricate the victim. Members of the engine crew stabilized the car and victim as other engine crew members removed the door to free the patient. Only a few minutes after arrival, the patient was freed. All units were allowed to clear the assignment with the exception of Jcksonville's IV475, Cockeysville's M395, and EMS7. One patient was transported to an area hospital.

Jacksonville Units: E473, IV475

Other Units: M395, EMS7

One of JVFC's strengths is the diverse skills and experience of company members, adding to their skills Firefighter/EMT Frank Tiralla and Paramedic/Firefighter Alistair Paget have just completed the MFRI Technical Rope Rescue training. The class involved a number of rope techniques used in performing low angle slope evacuation and high angle rescues. Practical evolutions included constructing, ascending and descending rope rescue systems, tending a rescue basket during high angle operations, and conducting a rescuer insertion using a high-line system. One memorable day brought a few real world problems during a 175 foot repel that required the class to work out and resolve the issue at hand, as if on a real rescue. Special thanks to Hereford Volunteer Fire Company for taking the photos and going above and beyond as hosts for the class.

Units from Towson and the surrounding areas were dispatched shortly after 2000 hours to a reported building fire at the Super-Fresh supermarket on Dulaney Valley Road. Engine 101 was first arriving, reporting heavy smoke showing from the rear of the structure. E101 established command and laid a line while Truck 1 laddered the roof and Engine 301 handled water supply. Crews located a fire in a rear room and the roof area and made an aggressive attack to knock down the fire in less than ten minutes.

Jacksonville Units: AU478

Other Units: E101, T1, E301, E10, E11, T297, REH153, REH154, REH155

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