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Members of the Jacksonville Volunteer Fire Company visited the local elementary school this past Friday for the Annual Health Fair. Engine 471, Medic 475, and Special Unit 476 were brought to the school in addition to the Baltimore County Volunteer Firemens Association Fire Safety Trailer. Numerous presentations about emergencies and safety along with tours of the equipment were made to a variety of age groups.

Jacksonville Units: E471, M475, SU476

Just after 1700 hours on Sunday, units from Long Green and Jacksonville were alerted for a patient that had fallen in the 12800 block of Long Green Pike. Utility 386 and IV 475 responded on the initial call. A few minutes after the arrival of U386, the Maryland State Police Medevac helicopter was requested to transported the patient to the trauma center. This brought Engine 382 and EMS 7 to the scene. Units operated on scene for approximately 45 minutes.

Jacksonville Units: IV475

Other Units: U386, E382, EMS7, Trooper 8

Saturday evening, the Baltimore County Police Helicopter noticed a woods fire in the Prettyboy Resevoir. Units from Hereford were dispatched to the location. After a brief investigation, it was determined that a significant portion of woods were on fire. Units from throughout Northern Baltimore County, York County, and Carroll County responded. Jacksonville's Engine 473 and Brush 472 transferred to Company 44 while Engine 471 remained on standby at the station. A search for dinner at Hereford's firehouse turned up empty. This resulted in Jacksonville's members eating Pop-Tarts for dinner as they waited for units to go back in service from the woods fire a few hours later.

Jacksonville Units: E471, B472, E473

Just before 1600 hours on Saturday, Engine 382 reported to dispatch that a motor vehicle collision had just occurred at the intersection of Long Green Road and Manor Road. They arrived to find a Chevy Cavalier that had struck a Mercury Tracer on the left side. Crews worked to perform patient care, load the patient, and transport to the trauma center.

Jacksonville Units: IV475

Other Units: E382

On Sunday evening, units from Northern Baltimore County, York County, and Carroll County were dispatched for reports of a house fire. Initial units responded and while still enroute, advised that they had a heavy column of smoke and a large glow in the sky. A working fire assignment and tanker strike team were requested prior to the arrival of any unit. A few minutes later, units arrived on the scene and confirmed a fully-involved dwelling. Since a large number of units were committed to this incident, other units moved to cover for those stations. Jacksonville’s Engine 471 transferred to Cockeysville Volunteer Fire Company while Engine 473 remained on standby at the station.

Jacksonville Units: E471, E473

Early Friday morning, units from Towson and the surrounding area were dispatched for multiple reports of an apartment fire on Kenilworth Avenue. A few minutes after calling enroute, Engine 101 requested a working fire profile and a second alarm. This brought Jacksonvilles Air Unit 478 and other specialty pieces of apparatus. Upon arrival, E101 reported heavy fire from the third floor. Crews worked to perform an efficient and effective attack. The fire was knocked down after some time and units remained on scene until approximately 0700 hours.

Jacksonville Units: AU478

Other Units: BC11, E101, E307, E11, E14, T1, TOW17, SQ303, E302, E391, E10, E2, T297, TOW323, M1, M14, EMS1, EMS7, Rehab 154, 155

Jacksonville's Air Unit responded to assist units on the scene of two separate working fires on Sunday night. Just before 2100 hours, units had arrived on the scene of a house fire on Wentworth Road in an 11-10 and requested a working fire. The crew on AU478 worked over an hour to fill bottles and return to the station. Later, at 0326 hours Monday morning, the air unit was dispatched again to an 18-11 box for a working apartment fire on Stockmill Road. The crew assisted units on a multi-alarm apartment fire and did not return until after 0600 hours.

Jacksonville Units: AU478

Throughout the day on Saturday, a cold front moving into the area brought rain, hail, thunderstorms, and high wind through Baltimore County. Jacksonville responded to dozens of calls for wires arcing, downed wires, trees on fire, and trees in the roadway. Additionally, units responded to a tree that had fallen down onto a house in the 14500 block of Old York Road. Jacksonville’s Medic 475 was also tied up on various calls most of the day.

Jacksonville Units: Engine 471, Brush 472, Engine 473, Medic 475

Just after 1030 hours on Saturday, units from Station 11 and surrounding companies were dispatched for the report of an apartment fire in the 7700 block of Hillendale Road. Additional information indicated that a fire on the stove was spreading. As units responded, another caller advised that there were people on the balconies. Engine 11 arrived minutes later and reported smoke showing. As command was established, a rescue assignment and a working fire profile were requested, bringing Jacksonvilles Air Unit 478. Crews worked to make an aggressive interior attack to knock down the fire on the first and second floors. Multiple ladders were thrown to upper floors to rescue occupants. Additional medic units were also requested for multiple victims. Units remained on scene to perform salvage and overhaul operations and cleared at approximately 1300 hours.

Jacksonville Units: Air Unit 478

At approximately 1245 hours on Thursday, units were alerted for a motor vehicle accident in the area of Fork Road and Bottom Road. Engine 382, IV 475, and IV 485 responded on the initial call. Units arrived minutes later to find a Chevy Blazer and a Honda Accord had collided in the intersection. The two transport units handled multiple patients with assistance from the engine crew.

Jacksonville Units: IV475

Other Units: E382, IV485

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