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At approximately 0815 hours Friday morning, Station 47 was alerted for a report of a motor vehicle accident with unknown injuries and a vehicle smoking. Engine 473 responded on the initial call. While still en-route, additional information advised that there were now reports of subjects injured which added Medic 475 to the incident. Units arrived minutes later to find two vehicles that had collided at Manor Road and Green Glade Road. One of the cars involved was occupied by two long-time members of the fire company. Crews worked to close the road, assess the patients, and mitigate the spilled fuel hazards. The smoke initially reported was dust from the airbags. Luckily, no serious injuries were suffered by anyone involved. A single patient was transported to a local hospital with minor injuries.

Jacksonville Units: E473, M475, SU476

At 0743 hours Friday morning, units from Jacksonville and the surrounding area were dispatched for reports of a motor vehicle accident with a person trapped in the area of Papermill Road and Sweet Air Road. Engine 473 and Ambulance 475 responded and arrived in the 3200 block of Papermill Road less than two minutes later to find a pickup truck that had ran off an embankment and flipped on its side after being run off of the road by a piece of farm equipment. After a brief size-up, it was discovered that the driver was trapped inside. At that point, command was established and a protective hoseline was pulled. After evaluating the patient, the crew on E473 used the Glass-Master to remove the windshield. The patient was then freed from his seat belt and assisted out of the vehicle. At that point, less than five minutes after the initial arrival of units, the rescue assignment was placed in service. The patient was then treated and transported to the local trauma center for evaluation. All units cleared the scene within fifteen minutes of arriving.

Jacksonville Units: E473, A475, U477

Other Units: BC11, EMS7, M17, TOW17, S303

At 1436 hours on Monday, units from Jacksonville and nearby stations were dispatched for reports of a building fire in the 4000 block of Stansbury Mill Road. Engine 471, Engine 473, and Special Unit 476 responded on the call along with other companies. Initial units arrived minutes later to find a fully-involved shed approximately 15 feet x 30 feet to the rear of a house. Bystanders reported that they had witnessed lightning strike the shed. The officer on E473 established command while the crew stretched a three inch supply line down the driveway. Crews pulled two 1 3/4 inch hoselines and began making an attack on the fire. Other units continued to the scene to provide an adequate water supply. A shuttle was set up from the nearby underground water source on Donerin Way. Units remained at location for some time extinguishing hot spots and performing overhaul operations. All units cleared at 1808 hours.

Jacksonville Units: E471, E473, SU476

Other Units: E382, E392, BC11, TOW17, E442, E17, E307, TSU444, TT446, E391, E302, E482

Just before 0300 hours on Monday, units in the Southeast portion of Baltimore County were alerted for a report of a house on fire. Initial units responded and arrived minutes later to find fire showing from a two-story single family dweling in the 2300 block of Ruth Avenue. Command was established as crews began making an attack on the fire. A working fire assignment was requested bringing Jacksonville’s Air Unit 478 when the first due unit did not respond. After a 43 minute response, AU478 arrived on the scene and filled 27 air bottles before clearing at 0445 hours.

Jacksonville Units: AU478

Early Tuesday morning, units from the Eastern Battalion were dispatched for reports of a dwelling fire in Perry Hall. After reporting smoke visible from Cowenton Avenue, Engine 55 arrived to find heavy smoke showing from a 1 ˝ story split level home. A working fire assignment was requested as crews worked to battle heavy fire conditions. Jacksonville’s Air Unit 478 responded with additional units to the call and remained on scene assisting them for some time.

At 1433 hours on Tuesday, units from Long Green and Jacksonville were dispatched for reports of a motor vehicle accident on Manor Road near Long Green Road. Engine 473 and Medic 475 responded on the call. Units arrived minutes later to find a single vehicle that had rolled over and struck a pole. Crews worked to evaluate the patient and contact the appropriate representatives from the phone company. The subject refused transportation to the hospital. All equipment cleared by 1451 hours.

Jacksonville Units: E473, M475

Other Units: E382, U386

Just before 1300 hours on Mother’s Day, units from the Towson fire station responded to 500 Virginia Avenue for a fire alarm sounding in the Virginia Towers high-rise residential building. When units arrived, they discovered an electrical fire burning underground adjacent to the building, which extended into a second-floor electrical room. Interior crews reported heavy smoke, requested a full fire box and a priority response from BGE. As the smoke intensified, command requested an additional two engines and one truck and a medical strike team and began evacuating residents of the lower floors. These additional request brought Jacksonville’s Engine 471, Ambulance 475, and Air Unit 478. A portion of the estimated 300 residents, many of them seniors and/or handicapped individuals, were evacuated while others told to shelter in place. Crews monitoring carbon monoxide levels reported readings were at 600 parts per million on the 11th floor at one time during the incident. The incident escalated to a third alarm response, bringing about 25 pieces of equipment and 120 fire personnel to the scene. E471 and A475 assisted with smoke removal and evacuation efforts while AU478 filled air bottles in the staging area. This is the second electrical fire at this building in the past nine months, with the last incident occurring in August 2007.

Jacksonville Units: E471, A475, AU478

Early Saturday morning, a number of Jacksonville's members gathered for an auto extrication training detail. Various members of the community had donated cars to be used to practice techniques used on car accidents involving people trapped. A good portion of the day was spent stabilizing vehicles, evaluating and packaging patients, and working to remove the doors, roofs, and other neccesary items to gain access. Tools used include the Glassmaster and our Amkus Hydraulic Rescue Tool System including cutters, speaders, combi-tool, and ram. A special thank you to the Long Green Volunteer Fire Company for allowing the use of their Junkyard Dog Rescue Struts.

Jacksonville Units: E471, E473, IV475

At approximately 1330 hours on Sunday, units were dispatched for reports of a dwelling fire on Hartford Road in Parkville. Units arrived minutes later to find a two-story dwelling with smoke showing. A working fire was requested at 1350 hours, bringing Jacksonville's AU478 to the scene. This was the second working fire of the day that Jacksonville responded to. The air unit remained on scene approximately 45 minutes and filled ten bottles.

Jacksonville Units: AU478

Just before 1500 hours on Saturday, units from Jacksonville and surrounding stations were alerted for a car accident with people trapped in the area of Manor Road and Jarrettsville Pike. Jacksonville’s Engine 473 and IV 475 responded on the initial call. Units arrived minutes later at Jarrettsville Pike and the Harford County line to find head-on collision. After a brief investigation, units discovered a total of three patients. Two were trapped in one cars and a third patient was trapped in the other car. Command was established and four additional medic units were requested along with two Maryland State Police Helicopters. As additional units arrived, crews worked to extricate, treat, and package the patients for transport. After patients were transported to trauma centers, personnel worked to mitigate spilled fluids from the vehicles. Units were on the scene over an hour before going back in service.

Jacksonville Units: E473, IV475, SU476

Other Units: BC22, TOW17, A535, M792, M395, M117, S303, EMS7, EMS1, E382, CAR601

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