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October is National Fire Prevention Month, a time when we should all be aware of ways to help learn fire safety and prevention. The Jacksonville Volunteers spent a day speaking to first graders at Jacksonville Elementary School. In addition to reviewing with the first graders basic fire safety principles, members talked with the students about being a firefighter. Students got to see all the different components of a firefighter’s turnout gear and learned how each of them operates. Students were made aware of what a firefighter will look in an emergency situation. This was done with the goal of lessening the fear that children may have in the event that they require the fire department’s assistance. Finally, at the end of the presentation students were given a tour of Engine 471, the newest piece of equipment in station 47’s suppression fleet.

Jacksonville Units: E471, U477

At 0709 hours on Friday, Jacksonville’s Engine 473 and Medic 475 were dispatched for a report of a head-on collision in the 13500 block of Jarrettsville Pike. Units responded and arrived on the scene minutes later to find a Jeep Grand Cherokee that had collided with a BMW. Upon a brief investigation, the driver of the BMW was found trapped inside. At that time, command was established and a rescue assignment was requested. An additional request was made for a medevac helicopter, landing site engine, and a second medic unit. The crew on E473 worked to stretch a protective hoseline as the crew on M475 began to evaluate the patients. While personnel on Engine 473 began extrication of the trapped driver, Medic 395 arrived and assisted with treatment of the driver of the Jeep who was out of the vehicle. As crews from other companies assisted those from Jacksonville with gaining access and evaluating the trapped occupant, he was determined to be deceased. The driver of the Jeep was transported to the trauma center by ground and the assignment was reduced to E473, M475, and S303. Those units remained on scene for the Baltimore County Police Crash Reconstruction Team and the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner to complete their investigation. The recovery operation was completed and all units cleared the scene at approximately 0915 hours. The thoughts and prayers of our members go out to the friends and families of the victims.

Jacksonville Units: E473, M475, SU476, U477

Other Units: M395, TOW17, BC11, EMS7, S303

Just after 1030 hours, Jacksonville Engine 473 was alerted with units from Long Green and the surrounding area were alerted for an auto accident in the area of Dulaney Valley Road and Ravenhurst Circle. Engine 382 arrived minutes later to find that a pickup truck had rolled off the road. A passenger was trapped inside and held upside down by the seat belt. Personnel cut the seat belt and extricated the patient from the cab of the truck. Medic 395 treated and transported the patient to the hospital.

Jacksonville Units: E473

Other Units: E382, BC1, HC Chief 13, SQ303, T297, M395

At 1741 hours, while Jacksonville’s Engine 473 was on the scene of a car accident at Merrymans Mill Road and Sunnybrook Road, two of Jacksonville’s members in their personal vehicles witnessed a car accident in the 13900 block of Jarrettsville Pike. This location was just around the corner from the other accident scene. After stopping on the side of the road and running to the sedan that had crashed through a road sign and a split-rail fence, both members discovered a male and female occupant inside the vehicle as the dust settled. The male driver was slumped over the wheel with the gas pedal pushed to the floor as the car’s wheels spun wildly. While one member began the process of notifying the 911 Dispatch Center, the other member was assisted by a nearby homeowner in securing the vehicle, assisting the female passenger out of the vehicle, and pulling the unconscious driver out of the car and onto the grass. After a brief assessment, the driver was discovered to be in cardiac arrest. Using personal equipment, CPR was then initiated by the member and homeowner. Within minutes, the victim had a faint pulse. Minutes later, CPR was initiated again when the patient went into cardiac arrest a second time. After another few minutes, the patient had a pulse. At this point, Jacksonville’s Medic 475 from the station, Engine 473 from the previous accident scene, and EMS 7 arrived on the scene and assisted with stabilizing and packaging the patient. He was transported to the emergency room after a shock was delivered with an AED with additional treatment being delivered on the way. A week later, the patient was found in good condition in the hospital. He stopped by the fire station in full health weeks later.

Jacksonville Units: E473, M475

Other Units: EMS7

Just after 1600 hours on Wednesday, a caller to Station 47 advised of a vehicle that had rolled over in the area of Papermill Road and Sunnybrook Road. Engine 473 and IV 475 called en-route just as the 911 Center was dispatching the same call. While units were en-route, EMS 7 was added to the call after an off-duty EMT on the scene recommended aviation. E473 and IV475 arrived minutes later in the 2600 block of Papermill Road to find an SUV that had run up on a bank, impacted a tree, turned over, and then slid along the road approximately 100 feet before striking a guardrail. After investigating the scene, it was determined that the only occupant of the vehicle was out of the car. A medevac helicopter was requested after a brief evaluation. Crews worked to stabilize the patient and transport her to the landing site handled by Engine 471 at Station 47.

Jacksonville Units: E471, E473, IV475

Other Units: EMS7, Trooper 1

At 1100 hours on Saturday, Units in Northern Baltimore County along with mutual aid from Harford and York Counties were alerted for a report of a house on fire in Maryland Line’s first due area. Jacksonville’s Engine 473 responded on the initial call. Within minutes, units approaching the scene reported a thick column of smoke in the sky. Additional information from the caller to 911 advised that there were flames shooting out of the front door and windows of her neighbor’s house. At that time, Engine 451 requested a tanker strike team and a working fire assignment. Units arrived minutes later to find a single-story house approximately 50% involved with fire. Additionally, the fire had spread to woods surrounding the house. Minutes after the arrival of initial units, E473 arrived and laid 800 feet of three inch supply line from the front of the house to a pond at the rear of the house. Personnel from 47 and 39 then worked to stretch two handlines to the rear of the structure. Although most of the house was consumed by fire, the crews held the fire from engulfing the entire house. Crews knocked down the bulk of the fire and then worked to perform salvage and overhaul operations in the intense heat for several hours until racking up hose and clearing the incident at 1600 hours.

Jacksonville Units: E473

Other Units:

BC11, E451, E442, HCE712, YCT58, E452, TT454, B453, TT448, TSU444, E392, TSU394, HCE714, M60, HCE1025, SQ533, AU426, REH156, HCE711, M395, HCSU782

In rural areas such as Jacksonville, the lack of hydrants fed by city water is often identified as a problem with fire suppression. A number of tactics are used to alleviate this problem including use of large water tanker trucks and drafting out of ponds or streams. Another solution is the installation of underground water tanks strategically placed in areas that lack natural water sources. One area that had been greatly in need of a water source is the Summer Hill development in a 47-14 box. This older development has been the site of several major fires with no close proximity to water. An individual property owner granted the county an easement on their property to install this tank. Over the past year, representatives have worked to budget, plan, and install a 30,000 gallon tank at this location. Finally, last Friday, a number of Jacksonville's members joined representatives of Baltimore County, the BCVFA Water Resource Committee, and the tank manufacturer to perform final testing on the tank. We are very thankful to the homeowner and all those involved in this process.

Jacksonville Units: E471, E473

At approximately 0945 hours on Monday, units from the Southeast corner of Baltimore County were dispatched for reports of a house on fire in the 8900 block of Hinton Avenue. Minutes later, units approaching the scene reported heavy smoke and fire showing. Initial companies then arrived and reported a three-story single-family dwelling with fire through the roof. Additional information from bystanders reported a subject possibly still inside. At that time, crews began making an interior attack as a rescue assignment was added to the call. Initial searches proved negative for occupants. As the fire grew too intense for crews operating inside and the roof began to collapse, all crews evacuated the building and continued to make an attack on the fire from the exterior. Command then requested a working fire assignment, bringing Jacksonvilles Air Unit 478. This was the second time AU478 had responded to a working fire in the North Point-Edgemere area in the past month. Crews worked to knock the bulk of the fire from the outside and then made entry into the dwelling again. A short time later, a 10-year old victim was located in an upstairs room under debris. Units remained on location for hours performing salvage and overhaul operations and assisting investigators. AU478 cleared at approximately 1200 hours.

Jacksonville Units: AU478

Early Saturday morning, Jacksonville’s members began loading the meat onto the grill to start the day off. A few hours later, the lines were forming as personnel served pit beef, ham, and turkey along with hot dogs and other food and drinks. The day was a great success raising money for the company and we hope to have many more similar events in the future.

At 0219 hours early Saturday morning, units were dispatched for a report of a motor vehicle collision in the 3500 block of Stansbury Mill Road. Jacksonville’s Engine 473 responded and arrived minutes later to find a single vehicle that had ran off the road into trees in front of the location. After discovering two critical patients including one still trapped in the car, a rescue assignment was requested, bringing a number of other units. Command was then established by the officer on E473 and an additional medic unit, medevac helicopter, landing site engine, and a brush truck were requested. The crew on E473 then worked to stretch a protective hoseline, lift a tree off of the car, and evaluate both the driver and the trapped passenger. Medic 395 arrived minutes later and assisted with stabilization of both patients. Using a number of pieces of equipment including the Amkus hydraulic rescue tools, the crew on E473 worked to remove the roof and windshield and then spread the car apart. Within fifteen minutes of the initial arrival of Jacksonville’s units, the patient was extricated. Crews from other companies assisted those from Jacksonville with removing, packaging, and loading the patient into Medic 117 for transportation to the landing site. The driver was transported to the trauma center by ground in critical condition and the passenger was transported by air to the trauma center where he later succumbed to his injuries. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families and friends of the victims.

Jacksonville Units: E471, B472, E473, SU476

Other Units: M395, TOW17, BC1, M117, EMS7, S533, S303

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