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Crews Rescue Horse from Mud on Green Road (Local Box 47-13)

December 12th, 2009

Around 1400 hours on Saturday, Jacksonville units were alerted for a Non-Emergency Assist on Green Road at the Harford County Line. Units arrived to find a horse stuck in the mud.Squad 483 was immediately called for assistance. Makeshift slings were used on the horse using 1 hose lines in an attempt to assist the horse out of the mud. Initial attempts proved unsuccessful, and crews were losing daylight as the horse was losing strength. The horse was also starting to show signs of hypothermia, as the outside temperature was only about 35 degrees. Attempts were also made to contact a veterinarian to respond to assist because the horse would need immediate care upon extrication. Squad 303 and USAR 17 were also called to assist. By this time, the horse was starting to show serious signs of fatigue and hypothermia, and it was determined that the horse needed to come out as soon as possible, or face certain death. After readjusting the slings, brute strength was used by all hands on scene, and the horse was successfully extricated at around 4:00.

Jacksonville Units: E473, B472, TSU474

Other Units: S483, U487, ATV48, S303, USAR17
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