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Multi-Vehicle Accident with Ejection and Medevac near the Firehouse (Medical Box 47-10)

August 19th, 2009

At 0826 hours on Wednesday, units from Jacksonville were alerted for a possible car accident at Sweet Air Road and Jarrettsville Pike. EMS7 was also added to the call when one caller reported an unconscious subject. Engine 473 and Medic 475 responded and arrived seconds later to find three vehicles involved in a collision at Sweet Air Road and Hampshire Knob Drive, less than a quarter mile from Station 47. After a brief assessment, the medevac helicopter was requested for the male subject that had been ejected and was unconscious prior to arrival. Medic 395 was requested for an additional two patients. Personnel worked to treat and package all patients as crews on Engine 471 and Utility 477 handled the landing site at the helipad to the rear of the Jacksonville VFC. All patients were transported to trauma centers and units cleared by 0916 hours while Baltimore County Police Accident Reconstruction team remained for approximately an hour. The apparent cause was one driver pulling in front of the other while turning into the shopping center. This caused significant damage and a 180-degree spin for one car that ejected the male driver while the other vehicle was launched over the curb and into the bushes adjacent to the parking lot. A third vehicle sustained minor damage.

Jacksonville Units: E471, E473, M475, U477

Other Units: M395, EMS7, Trooper 1
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