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Units Run Single-Vehicle Accident with Rollover (Rescue Box 47-7)

August 12th, 2009

At 0634 hours Wednesday morning, units from Jacksonville and other nearby stations were dispatched for a reported car accident with people trapped in the area of Jarrettsville Pike and Stansbury Mill Road. Engine 473 responded on the initial call and arrived in the 14600 block of Jarrettsville Pike minutes later to find a single vehicle on its roof in the woods approximately 25 feet off the road. After an initial investigation inside and underneath the car, it was determined that no one was trapped. The vehicle had apparently ran off the road up an embankment, flipped end-over-end and was involved in a high-speed collision with numerous trees and telephone poles sometime in the night. All units with the exception of E473 and M117 were cleared from the call as personnel performed a search of the woods and used a thermal imaging camera to look for anyone that may have been ejected or crawled from the wreckage. BGE was also requested to repair the numerous sheared electricity poles. A short time later, police reported finding the driver in his home at a nearby residence and advised that he was the single occupant and had not suffered any injuries. All units cleared by 0715 hours as the car was removed from the woods and BGE began to work on repairs.

Jacksonville Units: E473
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