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Units Respond to Fatal Tree-Trimming Accident with Flyout (Medical Box 47-11)

June 29th, 2009

At 0809 hours, units from Jacksonville were alerted for an unconscious person following an accident at a site where numerous trees were being removed. M475 and E471 responded and arrived minutes later to find a patient had been struck in the head by a section of a tree limb that had fallen approximately 100 feet. After a brief assessment, a medevac was requested. Crews on location began stabilizing and packaging the patient as Long Greens E382 set up a landing site at Station 47. Within 20 minutes, State Police Trooper 1 had landed on the helipad and the M475 arrived at the landing site. Multiple personnel including the MSP Paramedic and a passer-by doctor worked to successfully intubate the patient. Minutes later the patient was transported to the trauma center in critical condition. We later learned that he succumbed to his injuries. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family, friends, and co-workers.

Jacksonville Units: E471, M475, U477

Other Units: E382, EMS7, Trooper 1
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