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Engine and Brush Unit Respond to Multiple Electrical Poles Down (Local Box 47-15)

February 19th, 2009

In the early afternoon on Thursday, the power flickered at the station a number of times as the backup generator kicked on. Members at the station began moving to the engine bays as a call was inevitable. Sure enough, a couple minutes later Station 47 was alerted for a report of wires down in the area of Sunnyview Drive and Club View Lane. Engine 473 and Brush 472 responded and arrived minutes later to find light smoke in the brush to the rear of a dwelling. After a brief investigation, it was determined that a tree had fallen on high-voltage transmission lines and the increased tension broke a total of four poles in half. BGE was contacted along with other utility companies. E473 cleared while B472 remained at location some time until BGE arrived. Units returned to extinguish smoldering brush and debris half an hour later.

Jacksonville Units: B472, E473
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