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Accident with Cardiac Arrest Results in a Life Saved by JVFC Members Passing By (Medical Box 47-15)

August 8th, 2008

At 1741 hours, while Jacksonville’s Engine 473 was on the scene of a car accident at Merrymans Mill Road and Sunnybrook Road, two of Jacksonville’s members in their personal vehicles witnessed a car accident in the 13900 block of Jarrettsville Pike. This location was just around the corner from the other accident scene. After stopping on the side of the road and running to the sedan that had crashed through a road sign and a split-rail fence, both members discovered a male and female occupant inside the vehicle as the dust settled. The male driver was slumped over the wheel with the gas pedal pushed to the floor as the car’s wheels spun wildly. While one member began the process of notifying the 911 Dispatch Center, the other member was assisted by a nearby homeowner in securing the vehicle, assisting the female passenger out of the vehicle, and pulling the unconscious driver out of the car and onto the grass. After a brief assessment, the driver was discovered to be in cardiac arrest. Using personal equipment, CPR was then initiated by the member and homeowner. Within minutes, the victim had a faint pulse. Minutes later, CPR was initiated again when the patient went into cardiac arrest a second time. After another few minutes, the patient had a pulse. At this point, Jacksonville’s Medic 475 from the station, Engine 473 from the previous accident scene, and EMS 7 arrived on the scene and assisted with stabilizing and packaging the patient. He was transported to the emergency room after a shock was delivered with an AED with additional treatment being delivered on the way. A week later, the patient was found in good condition in the hospital. He stopped by the fire station in full health weeks later.

Jacksonville Units: E473, M475

Other Units: EMS7
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