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Members Assist with Final Testing of 30,000 Gallon Underground Fire Service Water Tank in Summer Hill Development

July 11th, 2008

In rural areas such as Jacksonville, the lack of hydrants fed by city water is often identified as a problem with fire suppression. A number of tactics are used to alleviate this problem including use of large water tanker trucks and drafting out of ponds or streams. Another solution is the installation of underground water tanks strategically placed in areas that lack natural water sources. One area that had been greatly in need of a water source is the Summer Hill development in a 47-14 box. This older development has been the site of several major fires with no close proximity to water. An individual property owner granted the county an easement on their property to install this tank. Over the past year, representatives have worked to budget, plan, and install a 30,000 gallon tank at this location. Finally, last Friday, a number of Jacksonville's members joined representatives of Baltimore County, the BCVFA Water Resource Committee, and the tank manufacturer to perform final testing on the tank. We are very thankful to the homeowner and all those involved in this process.

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