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Single Vehicle Collision Results in Fatality (Rescue Box 47-8)

June 28th, 2008

At 0219 hours early Saturday morning, units were dispatched for a report of a motor vehicle collision in the 3500 block of Stansbury Mill Road. Jacksonville’s Engine 473 responded and arrived minutes later to find a single vehicle that had ran off the road into trees in front of the location. After discovering two critical patients including one still trapped in the car, a rescue assignment was requested, bringing a number of other units. Command was then established by the officer on E473 and an additional medic unit, medevac helicopter, landing site engine, and a brush truck were requested. The crew on E473 then worked to stretch a protective hoseline, lift a tree off of the car, and evaluate both the driver and the trapped passenger. Medic 395 arrived minutes later and assisted with stabilization of both patients. Using a number of pieces of equipment including the Amkus hydraulic rescue tools, the crew on E473 worked to remove the roof and windshield and then spread the car apart. Within fifteen minutes of the initial arrival of Jacksonville’s units, the patient was extricated. Crews from other companies assisted those from Jacksonville with removing, packaging, and loading the patient into Medic 117 for transportation to the landing site. The driver was transported to the trauma center by ground in critical condition and the passenger was transported by air to the trauma center where he later succumbed to his injuries. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families and friends of the victims.

Jacksonville Units: E471, B472, E473, SU476

Other Units: M395, TOW17, BC1, M117, EMS7, S533, S303
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