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A Busy Christmas Day for Jacksonville’s Volunteers

December 25th, 2006

Christmas Day was one of the busiest days in the month of December for the members of Station 47. At approximately 300 hours on Monday morning, Jacksonville’s Ambulance 475 and Texas’s Medic 17 were dispatched along with Baltimore County Police for a 911 call reporting an emotionally ill violent subject off of Manor Road. A475 responded instantly, arrived near the location, and staged until the arrival of four police cars. After a notification was made that the scene was safe, personnel entered the residence to find that a fight had resulted in a male sustaining dozens of lacerations from broken glass. A significant amount of blood was lost from a severed artery. After bandaging the wounds and establishing an IV line with the help of M17, A475 transported the Priority 2 patient to the trauma center.

As families were waking up and unwrapping presents later in the morning, a member of the community stopped by the firehouse and advised that there was a thick column of dark smoke coming out of the nearby elementary school. SU476 responded immediately to investigate. Upon arrival, a fire box was requested for a possible fire in the school. Jacksonville’s E471, E473, TSU474, and U477 responded on the assignment. After forcing entry into the school and investigating the source of the smoke, it was discovered that it was caused by a malfunction of the boiler system. The remainder of the assignment was cancelled and crews cleared shortly thereafter.

Later in the afternoon, Jacksonville’s M475 was dispatched with Long Green’s E382 for a report of a car accident with multiple patients in the area of Loch Raven Drive and Dulaney Valley Road. Medic 475 responded and arrived minutes later to find the crew from Engine 382 attending to the patients involved in the two-car collision. One patient was transported to a nearby hospital.

Later in the day, just as members were getting ready to have dinner with their families, a call was dispatched for a fire alarm sounding in a residence on Carroll Mill Road. Engine 471 and Special Unit 476 responded on the call. Units arrived minutes later to find that smoke from burnt food had set of the smoke detector and cleared on an accidental alarm.

A few hours after dinner time, the alarms went off once again for a working fire in Liberty Road. Jacksonville’s Air Unit 478 was dispatched as part of the Rapid Intervention Task Force and Tanker Strike Team for a garage fire in a 46-7 box. Station 47’s response was then cancelled when a closer Air Unit responded late.
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