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Three Vehicles Involved in Accident on Jarrettsville Pike (Local Box 47-8)

November 16th, 2006

As if drivers weren’t having enough problems with all of the detours due to flooded roads and fallen trees and downed wires, units from Jacksonville were dispatched for multiple reports of an accident in the vicinity of Jarrettsville Pike and Manor Road on Thursday. E473 and M475 responded within a minute of dispatch and worked their way through heavy rush hour traffic until they reached the scene. The equipment arrived and found three vehicles that had been involved in a collision when a van pulled out of a driveway in front of two other cars. Two of the three vehicles were totaled. One of them was hit so hard that all four wheels broke off and it was slammed into the side of a hill. Amazingly, there were no injuries. The units from Jacksonville remained on the scene for some time providing lighting and keeping the road shut down until multiple tow trucks arrived.

Jacksonville Units: E473, M475
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