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Boy Rescued from Tree By Jacksonville Firefighters (High-Rise Aerial Rescue Box 38-8)

November 14th, 2006

During what was otherwise a quiet Tuesday afternoon, units from Long Green, Jacksonville, the Advanced Tactical Rescue Team, and numerous other companies throughout Baltimore County were alerted for a high-rise aerial rescue assignment on Devonfield Drive. Initial reports indicated that a four year old male had climbed approximately twenty feet into a tree and was stuck. E473 and IV475 responded in less than a minute and arrived shortly thereafter to find a frantic mother pointing to her son aproximately 15 - 20 feet in the center of a large pine tree. Personnel from Jacksonville quickly threw a ladder and climbed up to rescue the boy. The WBAL Skyteam 11 helicopter was overhead during the entire incident and captured the rescue on video. The boy was carried down safely and the remainder of the rescue assignment was placed in service. Firefighters and EMTs gave the boy and his mother a tour of the fire engine and returned to the station.

Jacksonville Units: E473, IV475
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