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Incident on Dulaney Valley Road Bridge (Haz-Mat Box 38-18)

July 13th, 2006

Multiple units were dispatched a few minutes after 5:00 p.m. on Thursday for the report of a motor vehicle accident with rollover on the bridge in the area of Dulaney Valley Road and Loch Raven Drive in a 29-7 box. Engine 381, Utility 298, and Medic 11 responded on the initial call. At the same time, Engine 101, Truck 1, and Medic 14 were dispatched for the report on a vehicle overturned in the area of Dulaney Valley Road and I-695. Minutes later, dispatch advised units on both of those calls that they were the same incident, gave an updated location of the bridge at Dulaney Valley Road and Jarrettsville Pike, and upgraded the call to a Haz-Mat assignment due to reports of a propane truck flipped over. The initial units arrived soon afterwards to find a head-on collision involving a septic truck and a propane truck. Dispatch was advised that a propane truck had flipped on its side over a guardrail and a two tanker strike teams were requested along with MDE due to the hazard. Jacksonville 's E471, TSU474, SU476, U477, and AU478 responded with the tanker strike team that approached from the North while another tanker strike team approached from the South. Units from the various hazardous materials units on the scene determined that the best method for removing the propane would be to burn it off. This would mean setting up and maintaining a protective perimeter for over eight hours. After evaluating the water situation and the number of units committed to a tanker shuttle, two boats from Bowley's Quarters were requested to draft water directly adjacent to the scene. The majority of the units slowly broke down their equipment and cleared, leaving units from 14, 21, 29, 38, MDE, Rehab, and M11 on the scene for a total time of over 12 hours until they cleared at approximately 0530 hours.

Jacksonville Units: E471, TSU474, SU476, U477, AU478
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