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The New and Improved Tanker Support Unit

April 29th, 2006

After being out of service for over seven months due to handling concerns, “The Source” was proudly put back into operation mid-February of this year. Jacksonville’s new and improved tanker support unit underwent numerous upgrades to improve its handling, power, and off-road capabilities. Some of the performance upgrades included a brand new turbocharger, new injectors, and a new 4” exhaust. Changes made to improve the steering and suspension included all new leaf springs with extra leaves, new shocks, stabilizers, and bushings. Its off-road capabilities have been drastically improved with custom 19.5” aluminum wheels with industrial off-road tires from Rickson Truck Accessories. “The Source” was put to the test at the fire on Patterson Farm Road this past month where it pumped over 18,000 gallons to supply the fireground. The Jacksonville Volunteer Fire Company would like to thank the many individuals and companies who worked to make this happen.
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