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Air Unit Runs Gas Leak on York Road (Fire Box 39-12)

April 21st, 2006

For the second Thursday night in a row, personnel from Jacksonville spent over two hours on a hazardous materials related incident. Utility workers had been working through the evening in an attempt to repair a large water main break that had occurred earlier in the day. It was during this attempted repair that a large gas line was struck while crews were digging. Cockeysville’s Engine 391 was dispatched to assist the BGE crews who were on scene with a “gas leak outside.” Utility crews worked for hours shutting down water and electricity in the area and preparing to go into the hole in the middle of the road and clamp the gas line to restrict flow and allow for repair. At approximately 0120 hours, Air Unit 478 was dispatched with units from the surrounding area when E391 asked for a full fire box assignment. The air unit arrived and was directed by command to approach as close as possible. At this point in time, a steady stream of gas was shooting out of the ground approximately 30 feet. BGE crews operated under the protection of multiple engine crews wearing full turnout gear and SCBA operating multiple hand lines. It took approximately 20 minutes from when crews began working directly with the gas line until it was shut down. Personnel from the Jacksonville re-filled the air bottles of those who had used them and cleared the incident approximately 2.5 hours after the initial dispatch.

Jacksonville Units: AU478
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