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AU478 Responds to Chemical Spill on I-83 (Haz-Mat Box 44-80)

April 13th, 2006

Late Thursday night, Jacksonville’s air unit was alerted to respond and assist units that had been on the scene of a major hazardous material spill on Interstate 83 since early afternoon. At approximately 1:30pm, units from Hereford and other companies had been dispatched to assist a truck driver who had heard small explosions and reported a chemical spill in the rear of the box truck he was driving. The units arrived at the scene and advised that the truck was carrying hazardous waste that was being transported by a defense contractor. The truck contained a total of 72 drums – some empty, but most containing oxidizing solution and a neutralizing agent. An apparent chemical reaction caused one of the drums to over-pressurize and rupture. Hazardous materials personnel from Baltimore County, Baltimore City, Harford County, and Pennsylvania worked together with crews from Maryland State Police, Baltimore County Police, Maryland State Department of Transportation, Baltimore County Roads, and multiple private companies. Crews had to remove and re-pack most of the drums and then load them into a large truck for transportation away from the scene. The northbound side of the interstate was closed for over 12 hours.

Jacksonville Units: AU478
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