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AU478 Responds to Four Alarm Fire in Reisterstown (Fire Box 41-1)

December 26th, 2005

Just after 0730 hours, a building fire assignment was dispatched to The Meadows at Reisterstown, a senior apartment community at 300 Cantata Court. While units were still en-route, dispatch advised that multiple calls were being received in addition to a building fire alarm. Engine 56 arrived minutes later reporting heavy smoke showing and quickly requested a second alarm. As the incident progressed, a third and fourth alarm were requested in addition to three Medical Strike Teams. Jacksonville’s Air Unit 478 responded with dozens of units from throughout Baltimore County and neighboring jurisdictions. The building had 80 units, 64 of which were occupied. Nearly everyone was able to get out on their own. Three people were injured.

Jacksonville Units: AU478

Other Units: E413, E412, SQ414, M415, SU418, U419, E56, M56, E401, E311, T404, T313, BC22, EMS5, E19, T18, AU426, E422, TOW323, E18, E2, E503, E41, EMS 23, BC11, E391, TOW17, E501, T13, M18, EMS8, EMS1, E432, M19, REH156, SAFE3, M2, E431, DC5, FID6, BC33, M315, M17, EMS 7, E14, E321, TSU504, M117, E3, E1, M13, M107, M14, M1, EMS 2, T297, SQ303, T5, E494, T1, REH157, FL423, CCT2, CCTOW3, CCE134, CCE133, CCE92, CCE32, CCE123, CCM99, CCM139, CCM39, CCM29, CCM49, BCT18, MCP1
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