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Jacksonville's Ambulance Responds to Pile-Up on Interstate 95 (Rescue Box 48-95)

October 16th, 2004

Late Saturday afternoon, Jacksonville’s ambulance was alerted for one of the BLS strike teams requested on an incident on I-95. While still en-route, command reported that they had more than five separate accidents within a large stretch of the southbound side. IV475 responded and made its way south from MD-152. They came upon one accident involving approximately 15 vehicles and a tractor-trailer. Command at that location was being handled by a chief from Harford County. He advised the crew from Jacksonville that the units they had at that location were sufficient. Since all the southbound lanes were blocked, our unit had to turn around and proceed into oncoming traffic back to Mountain Rd. The crew decided that the best way to make it to accidents further south would be to head south in the northbound lane of the interstate. IV475 then went further down where there was a second, smaller accident involving three cars that was being handled by other units. The crew then proceeded further south to where on of the MD State Police helicopters had landed in the middle of the highway. EMS1 had command of an incident involving approximately twenty cars and two tractor trailers. The crew assisted other personnel on the scene with triaging patients. IV475 then transported 4 patients to the hospital. All in all, there were over 17 separate accidents within a 10-mile stretch of the interstate. Over 90 vehicles were involved. The southbound side of the highway was closed until early Sunday morning. The apparent cause was sunlight shining off of rain, sleet, and hail that had fallen. Over fifty people were injured and transported by units from over four different counties to numerous hospitals. There were a number of critical patients transported to Shock Trauma hospital by medevac helicopters. There were no fatalities.

Jacksonville Units: IV475
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