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Jacksonville Responds to Building Fire in Parkton (Fire Box 44-32)

October 15th, 2004

An October 15th fire destroyed a local general store in Parkton, injured three firefighters and knocked out phone service for a large portion of northern Baltimore County. A building fire was dispatched at 0243 hours at the Little Gunpowder Falls General Store and Delicatessen in the 18800 block of Frederick Road. Engine 442 arrived to find a three-story wood frame building with heavy fire showing. A four-inch supply line was laid from a dry hydrant about 300 feet from the fire. This allowed units to draft water from the Little Falls River. A working fire profile was requested while Engine 442's crew forced entry into a steel door on the delta side. Once they gained entry, a line was advanced into the building. Crews worked together to gain access to upper floors and make an aggressive fire attack. Three firefighters suffered minor injuries. Medical units transported them to local hospitals, where they were treated and released. The decision was made by the Division Chief shortly thereafter to suspend all interior operations and switch to exterior operation with master streams. This continued for about three hours until the fire was completely brought under control. The fire damaged a main fiber optic line, knocking out cell and land line phone service to residents across northern Baltimore County until later that night.

Jacksonville Units: E471

Other Units: E441, E442, B443, SU448, E451, E391, E392, TSU394, E17, SQ533, E494, TOW17, IV535, M60, EMS7, HCE712, E714, YCSQ61, YCE581, CCT2, REH153, REH154, REH155
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